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Brain Storm gathers the JLA to witness the execution of Green Lantern!

A baseball player suddenly shrinks, while at bat. A few seconds later, he returns to his normal size. At the same time, in Ivy Town, the Atom finds his size shifting, uncontrollably, while in the midst of taking down a pair of crooks. Famous movie starlet, Gloria Kaye, finds that she suddenly weighs three-hundred pounds. At the same time,in Midway City, the Hawkman's wings increase in weight, so much, that he is driven to the ground. Abandoning his wings, the Hawkman relies on the gravity canceling nth metal in his belt, to ascend to an escape helicopter, and the crooks within.

The Hawkman subdues the crooks. A man, leaving for work, suddenly finds himself running in place, at super-human speed. At the same time, in Central City, the Flash, too, finds himself running in place, at super-human speed. The Flash vibrates at super-human speed, generating a powerful wind, which pushes two picnickers out from under a lightning strike. A delivery boy suddenly grows weak, and drops a roast. At the same time, Superman is overwhelmed by a wave of weakness, and is forced to drop an old Spanish galleon.

A juggler loses all sense of co-ordination. At the same time, in Gotham City, the Batman loses all sense of co-ordination, complicating the takedown of a group of crooks. Each of the individual members of the Justice League of America trace a radiation signature, in their own inimitable fashion, to the hidden lair of the Brain Storm. The Justice League of America charge the Brain Storm, only to be instantly paralyzed. With the Justice League of America immobilized, the Brain Storm heads out to execute the man who murdered his brother, Fred.

Exposure to the stellar radiation of he Brain Storm's helmet has forged a telepath link between the Justice League of America and five civilians. The Justice League of America summons the five civilians, to aid in their release. The Justice League of America confront the Brain Storm. Using his mastery of stellar radiation, the Brain Storm brings an entire field to life, to battle the Justice League of America. The Atom is attacked by animated flowers. The Flash battles a behemoth of living grass. The Hawkman dogfights an enormous weathervane. The Batman is attacked by a scarecrow. Superman is assaulted with farm equipment.

Against their individual threats, the Justice League of America fight a losing battle. When the Batman aids the Atom, however, the tide of battle turns. The Batman uproots the flowers attacking the Atom. Returning the favor, the Atom disassembles the scarecrow. The Hawkman carries the grass behemoth away, dropping it into a bonfire. The Flash generates a whirlwind, at super-human speed, driving the weathervane into the ground. Superman merely waits until all of the farm equipment has shattered against his invulnerable hide.

Superman and the Hawkman attack the Brain Storm, knocking him from his sky-cycle. The Brain Storm reveals his hostage, the Green Lantern, immobilized by stellar radiation. The Brain Storm accuses the Green Lantern of murdering his brother, Fred. The Green Lantern reveals that it was interference, from the Brain Storm himself, that caused the Green Lantern's power ring energy to seemingly disintegrate Fred. Released from his paralysis, the Green Lantern uses his power ring to locate Fred, who had merely been teleported several miles away. Fred is taken into custody, for his crimes. The Brain Storm, however, teleports away before the Justice League of America can apprehend him, too.


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