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Hawkman's first case as a member of the JLA involves low-level crook Joe Parry who has come into possession of an alien machine.

A trio of bank robbers, wearing golden hoops, rob the Shore City bank. Security Guards, attempting to subdue the robbers, find the bullets from their guns disappear, before finding their mark. The Justice League of America arrive at the scene of the crime. They, too, are quick to discover that all of their attacks fade away before they can strike the robbers. Prior to the events of the robbery, the Atom made contact with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, in Midway City, to offer Hawkman membership in the Justice League of America.

The Atom led Hawkman to the Secret Sanctuary, where Hawkaman was officially inducted into the ranks of the Justice League of America. After Aquaman, the Atom, the Green Arrow, J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, and Superman departed to pursue individual cases, the call came in, regarding the robbery. The bank robbers make good their escape. The same golden hoops that protect them from injury, also prevent the Green Lantern from disabling their getaway car.

Suddenly, the Justice League of America hear gunfire coming from the interior of the bank. The team rushes in to discover that the bullets the security guards fired, earlier, have suddenly reappeared. The Justice League of America keeps the civilians from being hit by the gunfire. The team then realizes that their own super-powered attacks are about to reappear as well. After the Justice League of America prevent innocent bystanders from being injured by their own runaway attacks, they return to their pursuit of the bank robbers.

Realizing that the golden hoops shunt all attacks on the bank robbers ten minutes into the future, Hawkman disables the getaway car, by spreading glass and nails on a section of the road the car will be driving on, ten minutes from that moment. With the car disabled, the Jusitice League of America place their hands within the golden hoops, and wait until ten minutes have elapsed, before grabbing the crooks. Hawkman and the Green Lantern booby trap the road ahead, to ensure history happens the way Hawkman intended.

The Justice League of America take possession of the golden hoops. The Green Lantern uses his power ring to probe the minds of the crooks, to learn the origin of the golden hoops. The crooks, though, know nothing. Returning to their Secret Sanctuary to analyze the golden hoops, the team suddenly finds their conference room launching into orbit. The architect of their current crisis is one Joe Parry, a lowlife in possession of a fantastic alien device.

Parry found the device, a panacomputer constructed on the planet, Pthisthin, while wandering the shore. Quite by happenstance, Parry learned that the Pthisthin panacomputer could create anything Parry imagined. Parry used the Pthisthin panacomputer to outfit his criminal associates with the time displacing hoops. Now with the Justice League of America investigating the case, Parry has the Pthisthin panacomputer hurl the team into space.

The Justice League of America forms a human chain to keep from being blown out of the room shard, by powerful winds in the upper atmosphere. The Green Lantern encloses the room in a protective bubble, but can do nothing to stop it's ascension into space. Using the Nth metal in his belt, Hawkman is able to draw the room back towards the Earth. Hawkman is also able to see a trail of yellow radiation, saturating the room, and leading back to Parry.

With the Justice League of America closing in on him, Parry has the Pthisthin panacomputer create a defender to protect him. The Pthisthin panacomputer creates a composite guardian, that possesses all of the abilities of the five Justice League of America members. Parry dubs this strange creature, "Super-Duper". Using the Flash's super human speed, Super-Duper first defeats Wonder Woman. Using the power of Hawkman's wings, Super-Duper next defeats the Flash.

A combination of the Flash's super-speed, the Batman's durability, and Wonder Woman's invulnerability allow Super-Duper to defeat the Batman. Super-Duper uses it's lasso of truth to to bring down the Green Lantern. Finally, the Hawkman is the last hero standing. The Hawkman charges Super-Duper, only to be knocked into unconsciousness by Super-Duper's power ring. Super-Duper uses it's power ring to send the unconscious members of the Justice League of America back into space.

Hawkman, though, has only been feigning unconsciousness. Composed of a yellow radiation, Super-Duper's power ring is actually non-functional. The Hawkman pretended to be defeated, then used the Nth metal in his belt, to levitate the conference room, back into the sky. The Hawkman reverse the polarity of the Nth metal in his belt, which draws the conference room back to the ground, crushing Super-Duper. Hawkman then beats Parry into unconsciousness. With Parry turned over to the proper authorities, the Justice League of America take possession of the Pthisthin panacomputer.


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