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    The Crime Syndicate of America attack the Justice Society of America, in their own headquarters. Having been forewarned of the Crime Syndicate of America's failsafe for victory, the Justice Society of America believe they have the tactical advantage. The Hawkman draws Johnny Quick up to the ceiling. Johnny Quick vibrates his molecules, at super-human speed, into intangibility, passing harmlessly through the ceiling. The Hawkman causes Johnny Quick to fall, but the sinister speedster is quick to recover. Johnny Quick traps the Hawkman in a super-speed vortex. The Hawkman is able to withstand the powerful forces long enough to deliver the knockout blow.

    With Johnny Quick's defeat, the Hawkman declares victory. Doctor Fate counters Power Ring's attack, carrying their battle outside. The two combatants trade attacks back and forth, each countering the other's move. Ultimately, Doctor Fate wins their duel. With Power Ring's defeat, Doctor Fate declares victory. Doctor Mid-Nite detonates a distortion blackout bomb, at the Owlman's approach. The vapors of the explosive cause the Owlman to perceive Doctor Mid-Nite slightly off from where he actually stands. Doctor Mid-Nite blasts a hole in the floor, in the hopes that the Owlman will stumble into it. The Owlman uses his power of mental domination to draw Doctor Mid-Nite to him.

    Both adversaries walk into Doctor Mid-Nite's pit. Only Doctor Mid-Nite's reflexes are quick enough to save him. With the Owlman's defeat, Doctor Mid-Nite declares victory. Superwoman attacks the Black Canary. The Black Canary proves too evasive for Superwoman to bind in her magic lasso. The Black Canary hurls a freezing agent down Superwoman's throat, paralyzing her vocal cords. The Black Canary triumphs over Superwoman, using her Martial Arts mastery. The Black Canary binds Superwoman in her own magic lasso. With Superwoman's defeat, the Black Canary declares victory. Ultraman charges the Starman.

    With a wave of his cosmic rod, the Starman hurls Ultraman into space. The Starman attacks Ultraman with a meteor shower. Ultraman fuses all the meteors into one giant projectile, and hurls it at the Starman. Using his cosmic rod, the Starman reflects the massive stone back at Ultraman, while simultaneously transforming it into a nuclear bomb. The Starman hurls a solar prominence at Ultraman, but Ultraman draws air from Earth's atmosphere up, to dissipate the flames. Ultraman burns the Starman's cosmic rod out of his hand. Ultraman grabs the cosmic rod, only to discover that it is a facsimile made of anti-matter.

    Ultraman tries to contain the explosive force of the anti-matter rod, but fails. At Ultraman's defeat, the Starman declares victory. The moment each member of the Justice Society of America vocally claimed victory over their opponents, they were all dimensionally shunted to Earth-3. Dazed from the dimensional shift, the Justice Society of America are easily defeated by the Crime Syndicate of America. Having secured their neutral ground, the Crime Syndicate of America draws the Justice League of America to Earth-2. An epic battle ensues. The Justice League of America use teamwork to keep the Crime Syndicate of America from defeating them.

    The individual members of the Justice League of America square off with their counterparts in the Crime Syndicate of America. Superman tricks Ultraman into drawing too much power from a giant kryptonite meteor, essentially short-circuiting his opponent. The Green Lantern increases the energy of Power Ring's ring, until it is too powerful for Power Ring to control. With all of his will power focused on operating his ring constructs, Power Ring leaves himself open to the Green Lantern's knockout punch. Wonder Woman allows Superwoman to take possesion of her Lasso of Truth. Superwoman finds she cannot control both her magic lasso, and Wonder Woman's.

    While vainly trying to get control of the two magic lariats, Superwoman is beaten into unconsciousness by Wonder Woman. The Flash chases Johnny Quick. By forcing Johnny Quick to run faster, and faster, and still faster, the Flash exhausts Johnny Quick to the point of collapse. After serving as a punching bag for the Owlman, the Batman turns the tables on his counterpart, and beats the Owlman down. With the Crime Syndicate of America defeated, the Justice League of America consider what to do with them. The thought of being returned to Earth-3 fills the Crime Syndicate of America with disappointment.

    The thought of being incarcerated on either Earth-1, or Earth-2, fills the Crime Syndicate of America with terror. Green Lantern interrogates the Crime Syndicate of America, and discovers that the prison holding the Justice Society of America has been booby trapped. The moment the Justice Society of America is released, Earth-1 and Earth-2 will be, simultaneously, destroyed. After disabling the booby trap, the Justice Society of America is freed. The Justice League of America leave the Crime Syndicate of America imprisoned in the dimensional void between Earth-2 and Earth-3.


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