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Professor Ivo screams. The primal therapy proves fruitless. Ivo continues to discuss his past history with his therapist. Ivo blames the Justice League of America for his monstrous appearance. When the therapist points out, rightfully, that Ivo is responsible for his own fate, Ivo deactivates the therapist. In the Secret Sanctuary, Vibe furiously takes the Justice League of America to task for their failure to defeat Brimstone. Weary of Vibe's ranting, the Elongated Man attacks Vibe. The Elongated Man angrily calls Vibe a liability, as the two men continue to brawl. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, breaks up the fight.

Considering the current anti-super-hero political climate, the Martian Manhunter formally disbands the Justice League of America. The Gypsy pleads with J'onn Jonzz, the Manhunter From Mars to reconsider. The Vixen suggests that it is time for the Gypsy to return to her family. Reluctantly, the Elongated Man is the first to leave. The Elongated Man tries to apologize to VIbe, but is shunned. Vibe accuses the Martian Manhunter of looking for an excuse to disband the Justice League of America. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, assures the Justice League of America that their dissolution is temporary, before departing. Steel throws a tantrum, then storms out.

The Gypsy departs with the Vixen. Vibe refuses to go with them, preferring to sulk, alone, in the Secret Sanctuary. Ivo activates one of his killer androids. Unbeknownst to the Justice League of America, Ivo has sprayed them with a radioactive mist that his androids can track. Ivo sends the murderous android out into the world, to carry out his revenge on the Justice League of America. Vibe wanders the South Bronx, consumed with self-pity. Vibe encounters a young boy, drawing a picture of Superman. Vibe is incensed that the boy admirers an outsider like Superman, instead of Vibe, a Latino hero. The boy has never heard of Vibe. Wandering away, Vibe encounter's Ivo's android.

The android strikes Vibe, throwing him to the ground. A pitched battle ensues. Upon realizing that his opponent is not human, Vibe loses all confidence in his ability to win the fight. Aware that the boy is also in jeopardy, however, Vibe rallies and defeats Ivo's android. The boy departs with a new hero. Vibe leans over Ivo's android, intent on carrying it back to the Secret Sanctuary. The android's hands detach, wrapping around Vibe's throat. Unable to dislodge the disembodied hands, Vibe is strangled to death. Ivo's android places a death mask of Ivo's countenance over Vibe's face. The mask is both a calling card, and a warning, to the remaining members of the Justice League of America.


  • Legends Chapter 5.

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