Justice League of America #253

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #253 - Pyre released by DC Comics on August 1986.

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    Despero will rule Gotham City unless the JLA can stop him! And for the first time—the origin of Despero!

    The Justice League of America stare in horror at the changes Despero has wrought on Gotham City. The Batman, and the Vixen, have already been defeated, and chained to a wall. Despero uses his newfound power, to alter the molecular structure of matter, to transform a skyscraper into an attacking Loka. Steel momentarily stalls the Loka's attack. Despero reaches out with his power, spreading it's transformative effect across Gotham City, and beyond. Despero isolates the Batman, and the Vixen, from the coming conflict. Working in unison, the Justice League of America defeat the Loka.

    As the Loka is an extension of Despero's power, destroying it does physical harm to Despero. Howling in rage, and agony, Despero fells the Justice League of America with a single blast. Despero confronts the Batman, and the Vixen. Despero reveals his history. Kalanor was once home to an advanced civilization. An experimental nuclear reactor, in the city of Py'Tar, detonated, nearly extinguishing all life on Kalanor. The dominant race of Kalanor was erased, to be replaced by several new races of mutated life. These mutants warred with one another, to claim dominance of the planet.

    Despero's race eventually conquered the other species. Then, Despero's race began to war with one another. Ultimately, Despero's father won out over all challengers, and took control of Kalanor. When Despero's mother challenged his father, she, too was slain. Upon reaching adulthood, Despero murdered his father, and took his place as Kalanor's ruler. Despero ruled Kalanor for over a century. After a confrontation with the Justice League of America, Despero was imprisoned, and lost all power on Kalanor. After multiple lost conflicts with the Justice League of America, Despero realized that his powers of hypnosis and telepathy were not enough to conquer the Justice League of America.

    Where once stood the city of Py'Tar, now stood an enormous column of nuclear plasma. The Flame of Py'Tar became known for it's transformative effect on those that dared to enter it. Not all that entered the Flame of Py'Tar survived. Despero entered the Flame of Py'Tar and emerged a virtual God. Despero establishes a version of the Flame of Py'Tar on Earth, to renew his power as needed. The Batman escapes, then frees the Vixen. The Batman tasks the Vixen to assemble the Justice League of America in an offensive against the Flame of Py'Tar.

    The destruction of the Flame of Py'Tar should mean defeat for Despero. The Batman will keep Despero occupied while the Justice League of America destroys the Flame of Py'Tar. Unfortunately for the Batman's plan, the Vixen finds the Justice League of America completely defeated, and unconscious, outside of Despero's stronghold.


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