Justice League of America #252

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #252 - Arrival released by DC Comics on July 1986.

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    Can Batman lead the League to victory against Despero and his infinite horde?

    The satellite headquarters, of the Justice League of America, crashes in Maine. A local hunter, and his dog, are attacked by Despero. Seeking information about the Justice League of America, Despero tortures/interrogates the man. In frustration, Despero tears the information he seeks directly from the man's mind. Zatanna struggles to reach Adam, before he can steal her powers, using stolen DNA. Adam undergoes surgery, to splice Zatanna's DNA with his own. Zatanna is stopped by Adam's followers. Bruce Wayne takes Mari McCabe on a date. Their evening is interrupted by a massive explosion. Wayne, and McCabe, investigate, as the Batman, and the Vixen.

    Approaching the epicenter of the blast, the Batman, and the Vixen, come under attack from Despero. The Batman evades Despero's first volley, while the Vixen calls on the Tantu Totem to give her the power of flight. As molten lava rains down upon him, the Batman closes in on Despero. The molten rock pools and forms itself into a massive creature, attacking the Batman from behind. Despero seizes the Batman. Despero is pleased to learn that the Batman has summoned the Justice League of America. The Batman sucker punches Despero in the face. Before Despero can recover, the Vixen shoves him into the erupting magma stream.

    Despero, however, proves invulnerable to the intense heat of the molten rock. Despero subdues the Batman, and the Vixen, in spectacular fashion. The Justice League of America assembles at the Secret Sanctuary. Vibe believes the Batman has summoned them for yet another training exercise. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, sets Vibe straight. The Justice League of America journey to Gotham City. There they find the city surrounded by flames, it's citizens transformed into demons, and it's architecture undergoing horrific changes. Vibe uses his power to shut down the invisible barrier surrounding Gotham City. Despero confronts the Justice League of America. With the Batman, and the Vixen, chained to the wall behind him, Despero prepares for battle.


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