Justice League of America #245

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #245 - The Long Road Home released by DC Comics on December 1985.

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    Warp, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, sends Steel through time into the far future, where he is immediately attacked by giant insects and killer robots. He is helped to safety by a woman named Olanda, who explains that he is now in the year 1,000,000,000 A.D., and that his attackers are directed by someone called the Six.

    An amnesiac Steel staggers through a barren wasteland. The moment Steel collapses, he is set upon by mutant cockroaches. Unbeknownst to Steel, his conflict is observed by the Six. Steel defeats his insect adversaries. Steel is confronted by Olanda. Steel collapses at Olanda's feet. Olanda escapes with Steel, just as a killer-bot, sent by the Six arrives on the scene. Olanda destroys the killer-bot. The Justice League of America continue clean-up, and repairs, on their bunker headquarters. Hank Heywood demands to see his grandson, Henry.

    J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, informs Heywood that his grandson has gone missing. Steel awakens. His memories of his identity have returned. Upon learning that Steel is a member of the Justice League of America, Olanda shuns him. Steel reveals the last thing he remembers. His grandfather, as Commander Steel, had led Infinity Incorporated in an attack on the Justice League of America. In personal combat, Steel had beat Commander Steel unconscious. A cosmic storm of incredible magnitude threatened the live of the denizens of Cameron Street.

    Rendering aid to civilians, Steel had fallen through a time warp, forcibly shunting him forward one billion years in the future. Killer-bots attack the Hexagon. Steel repels the killer-bots. Olanda's father reveals himself to be the Justice League of America's arch-nemesis, the Lord Of Time. After years of conflict, the Lord Of Time grew lonely. The Lord Of Time used his own DNA to clone seven "children", six boys, and one girl, Olanda. The Lord Of Time's obvious favor towards Olanda sowed the seeds of dissent in his six sons, who turned against him.

    The Six stole the Lord Of Time's Chrono-Cube, using it to amass an army of killer-bots. The Lord Of Time enlists Steel's aid in regaining the Chrono-Cube. Leading the way, Steel takes down all opposition, as they storm the stronghold of the Six. Regaining the Chrono-Cube, the Lord of Time goes back in time, to unmake the Six. Steel spends some time with Olanda, before using the Chrono-Cube to return to his own era.


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