Justice League of America #244

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #244 - The Final Crisis released by DC Comics on November 1985.

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    It's Steel vs. Steel while an Earth dies! Featuring the JSA and Infinity, Inc.!

    The Justice League of America return to the ruined hulk of their satellite headquarters. The Justice League of America reflect on their recent defeat at the hands of Commander Steel, and Infinity Incorporated. The Elongated Man explains the multiverse to an incredulous Vibe. After scouting the Justice League of America's bunker headquarters, Northwind voices doubts. The Silver Scarab agrees to investigate the matter, with Northwind. The Fury hears moaning coming from the medical center.

    The Fury finds Mekanique operating on Henry Heywood, against his will. The Fury attacks Mekanique. Commander Steel ambushes the Fury, aiding Mekanique in subduing her. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, discovers that the power accumulators, for the transmatter device, are empty. Zatanna charges the power accumulators with concentrated solar power. The Justice League of America journey to Earth-2, to enlist the aid of the Justice Society of America.

    Strange cosmic storms threaten the lives of the denizens of Cameron Street. The Silver Scarab agrees with Northwind's findings. The Silver Scarab, and Northwind, discover that Jade, and Nuklon, have been attacked. Commander Steel, and Mekanique, subdue Northwind, and the Silver Scarab. Commander Steel reveals his motivations to Mekanique. Unbeknownst to Commander Steel, the Justice Society of America, and the Justice League of America, eavesdrop on his conversation.

    The Justice Society of America confront Commander Steel, and Mekanique. Commander Steel flees, while Mekanique engages the Justice Society of America. Commander Steel races to the medical center, where he is confronted by the Justice League of America, and the Fury. The denizens of Cameron Street huddle outside the bunker, seeking aid against the storm. Commander Steel does not want to battle his grandson, Steel.

    Unfortunately for Commander Steel, his grandson has no such reservations. Steel attacks Commander Steel. Doctor Fate, the Golden Age Hawkman, and the Golder Age Wonder Woman drive Mekanique off. The Justice League of America, and the Fury, bear witness to the brawl between Commander Steel, and Steel. The Justice Society of America tend to the injured members of Infinity Incorporated. The Justice Society of America, the Justice League of America, and Infinity Incorporated, protect the denizens of Cameron Street from the storm. Steel beats Commander Steel into unconsciousness, The younger hero weeps, taking no joy in his victory over his grandfather.


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