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The first JLA delineator's back with a hurly-burly straight out of the good old days!

Two scientists, Fred and Daphne, working at S.T.A.R. Labs' Temporal Research Division, in Metropolis, discover a man trapped in the time stream. Fred locks onto the mysterious stranger's own timeline, to review it. The man is revealed to be Doctor Phineas Quayle. In 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, Quayle returned home to find an intruder waiting for him. After subduing the man, Quayle, compassionately offered the man, and his family, money and food. Desperate to find a solution to the Great Depression, Quayle invented, and constructed, a time machine.

Quayle journeyed into the future, only to deem it worse than his own era. Quayle targeted the rise of the super-heroes as the root cause of society's ills. Quayle observed a confrontation between the Justice League of America, and the Royal Flush Gang. Quayle attempted to return to his own time, to change the future, but found that his Telechron Apparatus could only move forward in time. Quayle worked to find a solution, but failed. Looking forward in time, Quayle found that society continued to degenerate, spiraling into social conflict and war.

With an arsenal of temporal weapons, Quayle took on the mantle of Doctor Anomaly. Still blaming the super-heroes for society's ills, Doctor Anomaly decided to remove them from the equation. After watching the Justice League of America's battle with the Key, Doctor Anomaly decided to take out Superman first. Using teleportation technology, garnered from the Justice League of America's own future satellite headquarters, Doctor Anomaly reduced Superman to atoms. Fred doesn't understand how Doctor Anomaly could remove Superman in the past, if Superman is still active in the present.

Daphne discusses the possibility of a promotion for Fred, and what it means for their relationship. In short order, Doctor Anomaly targeted Aquaman, the Hawkman, and the Batman, reducing them to atoms, then storing them in jars, next to Superman. In the Secret Sanctuary, the Flash confided, in the Green Lantern, that he was planning on revealing his secret identity to his wife, Iris West Allen. Wonder Woman alerted the Justice League of America to the disappearances of Aquaman, the Batman, the Hawkman, and Superman. Doctor Anomaly challenged the Justice League of America.

Despite their best efforts, the Justice League of America were not able to defeat Doctor Anomay. During the conflict, the jar containing Superman's atoms began to shake. Falling from the shelf it rested upon, the jar shattered on impact with the floor, releasing Superman. Confronted by the full might of the Justice League of America, Doctor Anomaly withdrew from the combat. His escape into time, unfortunately, trapped him within the time stream. Doctor Anomaly is able to focus on Fred's Chronal Scanner, and draw himself out of the time stream. Doctor Anomaly immediately begins crafting a new strategy for dealing with the Justice League of America. Fred and Daphne decide to discuss their own future, over dinner.


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