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Kanjar Ro gains the ability to split off an aural form of himself and draw off aural forms of the JLA!

Kanjar Ro's mental powers are vastly increased by a wave of radiation. Kanjar Ro uses this boost in his abilities to escape his incarceration on Rann. Kanjar Ro leaves behind an aura duplicate of himself, in his cell, then travels to Earth to exact his revenge on the Justice League of America. Kanjar Ro siphons off the aura duplicates of Aquaman, the Atom, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, placing them under his control. Thus enslaved, the aura duplicates of the Justice League of America are tasked with luring their counterparts off Earth. Ray Palmer responds to a distress signal, sent by the Green Lantern, as the Atom. The Atom journeys to the subatomic world of Quil.

There, the Atom discovers the Green Lantern enshrouded in a yellow mist. The Atom pulls the Green Lantern out of the mist. The Green Lantern leads the Atom into battle, against the forces of Chief Choggar. During the battle, the Atom notes that the Green Lantern's power ring is functioning, despite the yellow mist. The usurper, Korth, defeats Choggar in personal combat, winning leadership of their tribe. As soon as the battle ends, the Atom steals the power ring from the Green Lantern's finger, using it to subdue the Emerald Gladiator. Using his Cosmic Treadmill, the Flash responds to Wonder Woman's distress call, sent from the future.

In the year 9140, human colonists have been paralyzed, by the radiation emitted from several groves of trees. Wonder Woman and the Flash set about uprooting the trees. Crossing a frozen lake, the Flash notices that Wonder Woman is not leaving a trail, melted into the ice. As soon as their task is complete, the Flash binds Wonder Woman in her Lasso of Truth. The Green Lantern is drawn to the planet Tharl, is response to Aquaman's distress call. The Green Lantern is immediately attacked upon arriving on Tharl. In short order, the Green Lantern discovers that Aquaman is battling against an invisible invasion force.

Aquaman and the Green Lantern ultimately triumph over the invaders. Realizing that Aquaman could not possibly have survived a long space flight, the Green Lantern imprisons Aquaman, in a power ring constructed bubble. Wonder Woman responds to the Atom's distress call. Wonder Woman plunges through a rift, in the sky over Nebraska, to find the Atom in another dimension. Wonder Woman soon learns that her every word is so loud that it alters the very landscape around them. Wonder Woman manages to get her Lasso of Truth back into the rift, and flees with the Atom. During their escape from the alien dimension, Wonder Woman is given cause to doubt the Atom, who she takes prisoner.

Aquaman responds to the Flash's distress signal. Living wooden figureheads are attacking a ship. Aquaman, and the Flash, dive below the waves to meet the threat head on. Aquaman learns that the radiation from a meteor is animating the figureheads. Summoning a squadron of fish, Aquaman has the meteor buried, deep beneath the ocean floor. Realizing the Flash has been operating underwater without replenishing his air supply, Aquaman commands an octopus to seize the Flash. Adam Strange discovers Kanjar Ro's deception, and escape from incarceration. When the zeta radiation wears off, Adam Strange is teleported to Earth.

Adam Strange, however, finds the Earth to be in a completely different sector of space. Adam Strange's aura duplicate appears on the aura duplicate of Earth, created by Kanjar Ro. The aura duplicate of Adam Strange journeys to the Secret Sanctuary of the Justice League of America. The aura duplicate of Adam Strange journeys to Rann, with the Justice League of America, to interrogate the aura duplicate of Kanjar Ro. Learning the new location of the Earth, the Justice League of America confront Kanjar Ro. Using Kanjar Ro's machines, the aura duplicates of Adam Strange, the Earth, and the Justice League of America are remerged into their material forms. The radiation expanding Kanjar Ro's mental powers is siphoned off, and Kanjar Ro is returned to his cell, on Rann.


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