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It's back to Detroit for the new JLA! And Vixen confronts the Ox!

A myth of Anansi the Spider is told. The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman demand to know why Aquaman disbanded the Justice League of America. Aquaman states that, in the beginning, the individual members gave their all to the Justice League of America. As time went on, however, the Justice League of America ceased to be a priority for the membership. After the Earth-Mars war, Aquaman decided to disband the current incarnation of the Justice League of America, in favor of a new incarnation.

Wonder Woman disputes Aquaman's right to disband the Justice League of America. Superman, however, points out an amendment in the charter that allowed for Aquaman's actions. The Flash acknowledges that the new members' commitment to the Justice League of America is stronger than his own. The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman accept Aquaman's decision, and gracefully bow out of the Justice League of America. Sue Dibny points out a paradox regarding the absence, and simultaneous presence, of the three "lost" heroes.

The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman decide to travel back in time, three weeks, to avoid the paradox. Zatanna trails the Vixen. Zatanna is taken aback when she discovers the Vixen passionately kissing Dale Gunn. Rosita Ramone calls on the Justice League of America. Ramone reports that Mother Windom is being held hostage by General Mustapha Maksai. Windom will be murdered if the Vixen does not turn herself over to Maksai. The Vixen prepares to depart, but Aquaman stops her.

The Vixen's past actions, in regards to Maksai, have created problems for the Justice League of America. When the Vixen refuses to obey Aquaman, the Sea KIng uses his telepathic powers to prevent her from leaving. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, intervenes, disrupting Aquaman's telepathic hold on the Vixen. The Vixen goes after Maksai. The Vixen confronts Maksai. To garner the release of Windom, the Vixen turns the Tantu Totem over to Maksai.

Donning the Tantu Totem, Maksai is horrifically transformed into his namesake, the Gored Ox. In a bestial fury, the Gored Ox lashes out at his own security forces. The Vixen gets Windom to safety. The Vixen confronts the Gored Ox. While eluding the Gored Ox, the Vixen takes back the Tantu Totem. The Vixen calls on the power of a rhinoceros to defeat the Gored Ox. The power of the Vixen's punch throws the Gored Ox backwards, where he is impaled on debris. The Gored Ox dies as Maksai. The Vixen's long nightmare is over.


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