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Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash travel to the Justice League satellite—to find it destroyed!

Aquaman wrestles with his commitment to the Justice League of America, in the face of his wife's abandonment. A signal, from the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, alerts Aquaman to the return of the Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman. The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman are stunned to find their satellite headquarters in ruins, with no sign of the Justice League of America. Superman discovers a Soviet satellite in the wreckage. Using Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, Superman attempts to recover the satellite, but it explodes. Moving at super-human speed, Superman re-assembles the satellite.

Wonder Woman identifies the satellite's point of origin. Aquaman monitors the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as they descend to Earth, specifically Star City, in the Soviet Union. Aquaman summons the Justice League of America. Henry Heywood offers to seek assistance from his grandfather. At the heroes' approach, Star City launches defensive missiles. The Flash and Wonder Woman, destroy the missiles. Superman makes contact with the Soviet Air Force. The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to end the hostilities. Surrounded by Star City's security forces, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman are confronted by a strange musician.

Wielding an instrument hauntingly familiar to the Flash, the musician plays demons into existence, that subdue and capture the three heroes. General Anton Gorki applauds the musician, while making plans to regain his status in the Red Army. Dale Gunn, the Elongated Man and Heywood, descend on Heywood's grandfather's home. Though excited to see his grandson, Heywood's grandfather takes an immediate disliking to the Elongated Man, accusing him of being a thief. Heywood's grandfather further points out that the Gypsy and Vibe, both have criminal records. Worse, the Vixen is currently wanted by the police, for breaking into a Detroit prison.

Heywood's grandfather regrets arranging for Heywood to join the all-new Justice League of America. Heywood's grandfather wants to pull Heywood out of the Justice League of America, and turn their criminal membership over to the authorities. Heywood, enraged, attacks his grandfather, throwing him through a window. The Elongated Man breaks Heywood's grandfather's fall. Heywood storms out. The Elongated Man pursues Heywood, while Gunn attempts to smooth things over with Heywood's grandfather. Gorki demands that the K.G.B. re-instate him as commander of the Red Army, while also turning over chairmanship of the party secretariat to him.

When the guards are summoned to deal with Gorki, the musician slaughters them with music-conjured demons. At Gorki's winter estate, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman revive, but find themselves incapable of moving. They find that Anton Allegro is also Gorki's prisoner. It is Allegro's cursed instrument that the musician is wielding. Gorki enters, threatening to execute one of the heroes, for being refused his demands by the K.G.B.


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