Justice League of America #235

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #235 - Heavy Metal released by DC Comics on February 1, 1985.

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    Seventy million years ago, the dinosaurs were driven to extinction. In Detroit, the Justice League of America assemble, to discuss the Vixen's break-in, at a local prison. Steel angrily argues with Aquaman. Aquaman uses his telepathic powers to calm Steel. Only J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, is aware of what Aquaman has done. Sue Dibny questions Aquaman's intentions towards the Vixen. Dibny is, essentially, told to mind her own business. The Gypsy reveals herself to Steel. Fastball attacks the Gypsy, and Steel. Steel uses a massive slab of concrete to block Fastball's second volley, then crushes Fastball under the slab.

    The Justice League of America rush to Steel's defense. Vibe attempts to question the Gypsy, but she disappears. The Martian Manhunter notes that Fastball, too, has disappeared, leaving behind a potential clue. The Vixen storms the M'Changa embassy in New York. The Vixen attacks General Mustapha Maksai. Having underestimated Maksai's physical prowess, the Vixen suddenly finds herself at a distinct disadvantage. Calling on the power of her Tantu Totem, the Vixen escapes Maksai's crushing grip, and attempts to flee. The Vixen is shot trying to escape. Maksai's security forces race outside the embassy to collect the Vixen.

    The Justice League of America pacify Maksai's security forces. The New York Police Department arrives on the scene. Maksai dismisses the police, stating the sovereign law of M'Changa holds sway over the embassy. The police still attempt to arrest the Vixen, for breaking in to a prison in Detroit. Aquaman defies the arresting officers, and departs, with the Vixen. Steel commends Aquaman on his defiance of the police. Aquaman tells Steel to shut up. Zatanna points out that the Justice League of America is not above the law, and that Aquaman should have turned the Vixen over to the police. Steel reveals a bit of his origin to Zatanna.

    Of note is that the operation that transformed Hank Heywood into Steel seemed to be entirely unnecessary, and not altogether voluntary. Zatanna is horrified that Steel's own grandfather would do such a thing to him. The Justice League of America is suddenly teleported to the secret stronghold of the Overmaster. There, the Justice League of America must face the Cadre, or die.


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