Justice League of America #234

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #234 - Claws released by DC Comics on January 1985.

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    Two-hundred and twenty-five million years ago, a host of new lifeforms were driven to extinction. In Detroit, the Vixen apprehends a trio of gunmen, fleeing from the police. In the aftermath of the arrest, the Vixen encounters Reverend Andrew Sinclair. The Vixen agrees to be interviewed. During the course of the interview, the Vixen learns that the gunmen were members of a terrorist group, known as Red Dawn. Red Dawn is financed by the African nation of M"Changa, led by General Mustapha Maksai. At the mention of Maksai's name, the Vixen abruptly quits the interview. Henry Heywood questions the Vixen, regarding Maksai.

    Heywood is told to mind his own business. Ralph Dibny, having lunch with his wife, Sue, offers Heywood some sage advice. Heywood works out his frustrations in the pool. Heywood is ambushed by Aquaman. Heywood is furious with Aquaman's impromptu training lesson. Zatanna, taking umbrage with Aquaman' s teaching methods, pushes the Sea King into the pool. The two share a laugh afterwards. The Vixen researches Maksai's movements stateside. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, questions the Vixen's interest in Maksai. The Vixen provides no answers, as she stalks out of the room. Maksai studies footage of the Vixen, establishing that the Tantu Totem is in her possession.

    Heywood calls on Rosita Ramone. Her brother, Paco, is none too thrilled with Heywood's interest in his sister. Heywood unburdens his troubles on Rosita, then kisses her. Heywood catches a glimpse of the mysterious Gypsy, and gives pursuit. Heywood loses Gypsy, on a nearby rooftop, where he is met by Paco Ramone. Heywood, and Ramone, spy the Vixen stealthily moving across the rooftops. Both men decide to follow her. The Martian Manhunter briefs the Justice League of America on Maksai, and his relationship to the Vixen. The Vixen's father, Reverend Richard Jiwe, had been elected the President of M'Changa, after leading a movement to achieve that country's independece.

    Jiwe was assassinated by Maksai, during a military coup d'etat. Dibny, as the Elongated Man, angrily demands to know why the Justice League of America hasn't taken action against Maksai. International law, however, has the League's collective hands tied. The Vixen breaks into prison, and violently interrogates the arrested members of Red Dawn. Heywood, and Ramone, decide to call in the Justice League of America. The Monitor has the Justice League of America under observation. The Monitor is also keeping abreast of the Overmaster's progress in filling the ranks of the Cadre. The Overmaster recruits Shatterfist, Heir of Kali, into the Cadre.


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