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    The Martian Manhunter is back...with a lot of angry Martians on his tail!

    J'onn J'onzz returns to Earth from Mars II, pursued by agents of his rival, The Marshal. Among these Hunters is J'onn's former lover, J'en. J'onn guides his spaceship into a near collision with the JLA Satellite, to attract the attention of his former teammates, and lose his pursuers. The Justice League, having just completed a meeting, teleport down from the Satellite to New York City, near where J'onn's ship had crashed. When Aquaman dives into the water to investigate, J'onn knocks him aside and heads towards the UN building in Midtown Manhattan. Still underwater and invisible, J'onn is attacked by Firestorm, who turns the water around him to steam. The Alien Atlas responds by knocking Red Tornado into Firestorm. He arrives outside the UN building and collapses from exhaustion. Hawkwoman comforts him and states his is among friends.

    In the UN Secretary General's office, J'onn rests and relates his time on Mars II. The Marshal had been taking advantage of unrest among the youth of Mars II. Life had been harsh and difficult since migrating from Mars, and the Marshal argued that they had the right to occupy Earth, especially in light of Earth's exploratory probes Marshal's agent Challenger had found on a pilgrimage back to Mars. J'onn conveyed his shock at seeing J'en among those that cheered at his call for war. After a coup by the Marshal, J'onn had attempted to escape invisibly but was detected by a Mech's radar and left Mars II under a hail of blaster fire.

    Shortly after J'onn had explained the situation, Challenger arrives and delivers the Marshal's ultimatum: if humanity surrenders peacefully, they will be allowed to survive in internment camps for one generation, but would not be allowed to breed.


    • Guest artist George Tuska.
    • American astronaut Gordon Cooper flashback cameo.
    • President Ronald Reagan doesn't appear in this issue. He is talking over the phone with the Secretary General of the United Nations.

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