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Reena goes to the Arena and turns herself in to Maximus Rex’s guards. Rex, meanwhile, is in the middle of massacring another group of hapless victims inside the fighting pit. Dr. Lovecraft escorts Reena out into the stadium and presents her to Rex. Sneering, Rex brutally finishes off the remaining combatants as a means of showing Reena how he deals with those who betray him.

Reena arrives, at the arena, and turns herself over to the guards. In the arena, Rex Maximus personally disciplines traitors. for trying to leave his employ. Doctor Lovecraft interrupts the "games", to present Reena to Rex Maximus. Rex Maximus savagely murders the traitors, as a prelude to Reena's fate. Rex Maximus threatens Reena, though love for her still burns hot in his breast, despite her betrayal. Unbeknownst to Rex Maximus, "Reena" is actually Zatanna, mystically disguised, and fitted with a homing device. The frustration of waiting begins to eat at Superman. The Elongated Man, and the Flash, recently released from the hospital, report for duty.

Each hero barely survived their initial encounter with Rex Maximus' Ani-Men. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and Reena, storm Repli-Tech Industries' Manhattan office. While Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, deals with the guards, Reena savagely attacks Lovecraft. Quietly losing her humanity, Reena has to be pulled off Lovecraft, else she slays him. Terrified of Reena, Lovecraft co-operates with the Justice League of America. Lovecraft reveals the anti-serum to the scorpion venom slowly killing the Hawkman. Lovecraft reveals the location of Rex Maximus' stronghold, in Newfoundland. Lovecraft reveals that all of the Ani-Man, ultimately, will transform completely into beasts.

Aquaman closes in on Rex Maximus' stronghold. Aquaman receives telepathic images, from panicked schools of fish, regarding a massive creature nearing his position. Aquaman briefly meets up with the Elongated Man, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and Reena, to receive the anti-serum, for the Hawkman. Superman storms Rex Maximus' stronghold, only to be shot down by a red sun radiation-powered cannon. When his order is questioned, the horrific half-human/half-rhnocerous creature, called "Horn", casually murders a member of the stronghold's security force. Seeing Superman crucified, Firesstorm, the Nuclear Man, uses his atomic restructuring power to destroy the cross.

Superman's crucifixion, however, is merely a hologram, masking one of the security guards. His power unable to effect biological targets, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, suffers agonizing feedback, rendering him unconscious. Aquaman approaches Rex Maximus' stronghold from the sea. Aquaman is attacked by Gargantus, a monstrous half-human, half-whale abomination. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, is crucified, alongside Superman. The Elongated Man fights, alone, in the arena, against Rex Maximus. Reena attacks Rex Maxiimus. Zatanna reveals her presence. Aquaman uses his telepathic powers to shut down Gargantus' mind.

Zatanna joins the Elongated Man in the fight against the Ani-Men. An explosion shuts down the stronghold's electical systems. Under cover of darkness, Aquaman takes down a reptilian Ani-Man, and frees the hostages. Aquaman, the Hawkgirl, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman join the fight, in the arena. The Justice League of America is, ultimately, triumphant. The Ani-Men fully revert to beasts. Reena, and Rex Maximus, are among the missing. Their footprints, turned to paw prints, end at the shoreline. The Hawkgirl espouses the destructive nature of love, commentary that could just as easily apply to her and the Hawkman, as it does to Reena, and Rex Maximus.


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