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At Metropolis Harbor, Superman and Wonder Woman engage a group of armored men who have just stolen top-secret equipment from S.T.A.R. Labs. The Elongated Man is in San Francisco raiding a fencing operation in the Chinatown district. Back in New York, Firestorm encounters a cat-woman named Reena burglarizing the Empire State Building. After a brief scuffle, Reena surrenders to him and asks him for sanctuary. He brings Reena back to the Justice League Satellite, where she reveals the nature of the Ani-Men who have been attacking various League members. In Luxor, Egypt, Katar Hol is on a dig when his crew is attacked by giant scorpion-men. At Repli-Tech Industries, a scientist named Dr. Lovecraft reports to his master, the Ani-Man known as Maximus Rex.

The wealthy elite arrive, and are greeted, at a secret venue. Their evening's entertainment is certainly illegal, and wholly immoral. The audience thrives on the gory spectacle of what can only be described as a blood sport. In Metropolis Harbor, Superman, and Wonder Woman, pursue a band of heavily armed, and armored thieves. Superman disables their escape craft, then sets the harbor waters to boiling, with his heat vision. Wonder Woman binds the thieves in her Lasso of Truth, then hauls them up out of the water, and onto her Invisible Jet. Gargantus, an enormous half-human/half-whale monster, rapidly surfaces.

The impact of Gargantus' ascent sends Superman off into the heavens. Gargantus slaps Wonder Woman into the harbor, then crushes her beneath it's weight. Wonder Woman loses consciousness. Wonder Woman awakes to find Superman giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Gargantus' attack on her nearly drowned Wonder Woman. Though the thieves have escaped, Superman is able to recover the experimental computer chips they tried to take. The Flash foils a bank robbery, in Central City. The theives' muscle, a monstrous half-human/half-rhinocerous creature, gets the drop on the Flash. The Flash is gored, then rammed through a wall.

The Elongated Man tails a courier to a Chinese Laundry. The Elongated Man storms the laundry, and apprehends the courier. The proprietor of the laundry unleashes a flock of birds, with human eyes, on the Elongated Man. The Elongated Man falls back into one of the steam presses, which the proprietor promptly closes on him. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, watches a cat burglar scale the Empire State Building. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, moves in to apprehend the cat burglat. To his surprise, the cat burglar is actually a half human/half-feline woman. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, battles Reena, the cat-woman. Repli-Tech security forces try to murder them both.

Realizing that Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, does not work for Repli-Tech, Reena aids him in their escape. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, takes Reena aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. There, the team has already assembled, at Superman's request. Much to Wonder Woman's surprise, the Batman's resignation from the team, earlier, was not a joke. The Batman does not respond to their distress signal. The attacks on the Flash, and the Elongated Man, both now hospitalized, are known to the Justice League of America. The Hawkwoman desperately attempts to contact the Hawkman.

The Hawkman, as Carter Hall, however, has removed his signal device, while out on an archaeological dig, in Egypt. An attack helicopter heralds an attack on the dig, by horrific half-human/ half-scorpion abominations. Hall responds to the threat, as the Hawkman. Though the Hawkman defeats the raiders, and downs their helicopter, he is struck by one of the scorpion creature's poisoned barbs, and left for dead. Doctor Lovecraft reports Reena's break-in at Repli-Tech to Rex Maximus, a megalomaniacal half-human/half-lion man. Maximus swears he will punish Reena for her betrayal, as well as all those who stand with her.


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