blazing_eagle's Justice League of America #22 - The Second Coming, Chapter One: The Widening Gyre review

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The best Justice League issue I've read thus far!

Its rare I give any issue the five star rating because frankly I normally see areas of improvement for the creators to capitalize on. But this one deserves the 5 star rating.

What I really like about this issue is that it explores two characters (Red Tornado and Vixen) who are both going through some difficult times. While this going on Zatanna, Batman, and Henry Irons are working on a experiment which I found to be a great scene that blended both science fiction and fantasy elements. In addition to this there is two funny scenes one with Hal Jordan, Superman, and Red Arrow discussing relationships, and the other is a bit of romantic comedy between Red Arrow and Hawkgirl. The last scene displayed a sense of suspense along with action regarding the main antagionst of the story.

So there you have it a story the blends drama, action, suspense, comedy, romantic comedy, science fiction and fantasy all into one with a little sense of realism. I found this issue much better than the Justice League of America #19 , Dwayne McDuffie you keep up the terrific work my man!!!


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