Justice League of America #22

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #22 - Crisis on Earth-Two! released by DC Comics on September 1963.

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    While the Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns embark on a rescue mission in inter-dimensional space, the Justice Society of America pursue their enemies, on Earth-1. The Golden Age Atom, and the Hourman, confront the Fiddler, at the Clayville Natural History Museum. The Golden Age Atom, and the Hourman, are attacked by a polar bear, and a gorilla, brought to life by the Fiddler's music. Soon the Fiddler animates a kangaroo, and a pterodactyl, to join in the melee. Unable to reach the controls on his belt, the Hourman asks the Golden Age Atom to throw the pterodactyl into him. The impact activates the Hourman's radio belt, pre-programmed with a jamming frequency, drowning out the Fiddler's music.

    The animated exhibits become lifeless once more. The Golden Age Atom, and the Hourman, bring down the Fiddler. Doctor Fate confronts the Icicle, at an open air art gallery. The Icicle flash freezes Doctor Fate in a column of ice. Doctor Fate mystically melts the column, overwhelming the Icicle in the sudden flash flood. The Golden Age Hawkman, and the Black Canary, confront the Wizard. With a wave of his magic wand, the Wizard cause the Golden Age Hawkman's wings to act of their own accord. Against his control, the Golden Age Hawkman's wings begin to carry him into space. At the same time, the Wizard conjures warriors of stone, out of boulders, to subdue the Black Canary.

    Using a magnifying glass hidden in her choker, the Black Canary ignites a brush fire. Once the rising smoke cuts off the Wizard's line of sight, he loses control of the stone warriors. The Black Canary attacks the Wizard, who counters by transforming her into solid marble. The Golden Age Hawkman, carried aloft by actual hawks, re-enters the fray, and beats the Wizard into unconsciousness, restoring the Black Canary to normal. The Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns locate the Golden and Silver Age Flashes, imprisoned by the Crime Champions. The Justice League of America pursue their enemies on Earth-2.

    The Silver Age Atom, the Green Arrow, and J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, confront Felix Faust, at a carnival. Felix Faust casts a spell on a pinwheel, which cause the three heroes to begin spinning uncontrollably. As the Green Arrow's shafts begin to spill from his quiver, the Martian Manhunter blows them at Felix Faust, who counters with an enlarged target. Using a tiny bow, with a tinier shaft, the Green Arrow fires on the Silver Age Atom. The Mighty Mite catches the shaft, and rides it down to Felix Faust's target shield. Using the embedded shaft as a spring board, the Silver Age Atom pirouettes up and over the target, landing on, and punching out, Felix Faust.

    The Batman, and Wonder Woman, confront Doctor Alchemy, in the mountains. Doctor Alchemy uses the power of his Philosopher's Stone to transform the Batplane, and Wonder Woman's Invisiable Jet, into winged bucking broncos. Wonder Woman manages to tether her Lasso of Truth to a rock formation, allowing her, and the Batman, to climb safely down to the ground. As soon as they step foot on solid ground, Doctor Alchemy opens a pit beneath them. The pit immediately begins filling in. Spinning at super-human speed, Wonder Woman tunnels back up to the surface. Wonder Woman charges Doctor Alchemy, who levels the Philosopher's Stone on her, intent on transforming her into lead.

    The Batman hurls a capsule of powdered lead at the Philosopher's Stone, causing it to ignite. Doctor Alchemy drops the Philosopher's Stone, just as Wonder Woman drops him. The Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns work on freeing the Golden and Silver Age Flashes, from the mystic bubbles imprisoning them. Superman and Aquaman confront Chronos, at a lighthouse. Chronos fells Aquaman with a vibratory watch. Aquaman is seconds from death. His only chance is to be exposed to the rays of a kryptonite meteor. Superman exposes Aquaman to the meteor, though it's radiation fells Superman. Revived, Aquaman gets Superman clear of the meteor.

    Aquaman telepathically tracks Chronos' escape through the sea, by communicating with a variety of marine life. Superman brings Chronos to justice. The Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns finally figure out how to free the Golden and Silver Age Flashes. The moment they do, they trigger a failsafe that transports them, along with the rest of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, into inter-dimesional cages. Each cage is specifically designed to counter the abilities of the heroes trapped within. Though the Silver Age Atom cannot shrink out of his cage, he suggests the Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns use that method to escape from theirs.

    Once free, they free the Golden and Silver Age Flashes. They, in turn, use their vibratory powers to free Wonder Woman, and the Black Canary. Once both teams have been released, they journey to Earth-2, for a final confrontation with the Crime Champions. Aware of the escape, the Crime Champions try to flee to Earth-3. Before they can manage to create a portal to Earth-3, the heroes are upon them. The Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, confront the Crime Champions. An epic battle ensues. The Crime Champions are defeated. The Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America agree to maintain contact with one another, should the need to join forces ever arise again.


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