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Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt invades the annual JLA/JSA reunion and attacks the assembled heroes, but, strangely, incapacitates only those born on Earth-1, while leaving Black Canary, Red Tornado and the Justice Society members unhurt. Before they can ponder this, the heroes are called into action against the resurgent Crime Champions, who are attacking various locales on Earth-1. Starman and Black Canary, meanwhile, trail the Thunderbolt to his home dimension, where they discover the true villain of the piece is the criminal Earth-1 counterpart of Johnny Thunder, who has assumed control of the T-Bolt, and who produces a plastiglass coffin containing the bodies of Larry Lance and Black Canary herself.

Terrorists threaten a nerve gas attack on Central City. The Golden and Silver Age Flashes confront the terrorists. The Golden and Silver Age Flashes subdue the terrorists. Innocent bystanders recognize the Golden Age Flash from old comic books. The Golden And Silver Age Flashes discuss the proper designations of Earths One and Two. Preparing to teleport up to the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters, the Silver Age Flash is attacked by the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt renders the Silver Age Flash unconscious, but only stuns the Golden Age Flash. Aboard the satellite the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, hold their annual get-together.

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, mopes over the lack of attention he is receiving from Power Girl. The Elongated Man, and the Hourman, give Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, some relationship advice. The Thunderbolt storms the satellite. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, is the first to be struck down. The Hourman attacks the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt retaliates. The Silver Age Green Lantern, and the Starman, attack the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt strikes down the Silver Age Green Lantern, but, strangely, not the Starman. The Red Tornado is blasted across the satellite, impacting and destroying the transmatter machine.

The Elongated Man and Zatanna attack the Thunderbolt, only to be rendered unconscious. The Black Canary attacks the Thunderbolt. Surprisingly, her canary cry drives the Thunderbolt off. The Justice Society of America tend to the fallen members of the Justice League of America. The Golden Age Flash teleports aboard the satellite, with the fallen Silver Age Flash. With the transmatter machine destroyed, the Justice Society of America cannot return to Earth-2. The Black Canary recalls the night the Starman came crashing through the skylight of her florist's shop. The Justice Society of America, and the Justice League of America, had teamed up to face the threat of the sentient star, Aquarius.

During the course of that conflict, the Black Canary's husband, private detective, Larry Lance, sacrificed his life to save hers. Through tears, the Black Canary recalls her decision to leave Earth-2, to start a new life on Earth-1. Inexplicably, the journey between dimensions bestowed on her the power of her canary cry. The Justice Society of America try to determine why the Thunderbolt seemingly refused to to truly attack them, focusing only on the heroes born on Earth-1. The Justice Society of America learn that the Thunderbolt has also taken down Superman, and Wonder Woman, in their civilian identities.

Unable to raise any other members of the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America fear the worst. Power Girl receives an alert of criminal activities across the globe. Chronos, and the Fiddler, are up to no good in Mexico. Doctor Alchemy, and the Icicle, are conducting nefarious schemes in Egypt. Felix Faust, and the Wizard, have teamed up, at Stonehenge. The Justice Society of America, and the Red Tornado, head out to meet the threats. The Black Canary, and the Starman, journey into the Thunderbolt dimension. There, they encounter the evil Johnny Thunder, of Earth-1. Thunder orders the Thunderbolt to subdue the Black Canary, and the Starman. Thunder reveals that he is not alone in the Thunderbolt dimension. Lance's corpse lies in a glass coffin. Within the coffin, Lance lies next to his wife...the Black Canary.


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