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Super-powered androids appear across America and kidnap various people in top physical condition, including Black Canary. The mastermind behind this is Professor Ivo, who has begun to take on a monstrously deformed appearance as a side effect of the immortality serum he once drank (in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30). His plan is to use a machine powered by the life-energies of people with a certain genetic makeup to restore his humanity. While Superman, Elongated Man, Green Arrow and Red Tornado try to prevent further abductions, Aquaman, Hawkman and Wonder Woman attempt to invade Ivo’s island base. The assembled heroes struggle against Ivo’s creations until Aquaman, disguised as one of the androids, destroys their power source, allowing the Justice League to triumph.

Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Elongated Man, and the Hawkman, play a video game. The Hawkman is embarrased to be caught by Wonder Woman. The Elongated Man feels no shame. Across the globe, androids begin abducting physically fit people. Among their targets is the Black Canary. Unable to fight her assailant off, the Black Canary activates her Justice League of America distress signal.

The Hawkman, and Wonder Woman, rush to the Black Canary's aid. Wonder Woman is felled by the android. The Black Canary, and the Hawkman, destroy the android, only to be struck down by two more. The Black Canary is taken away. Back aboard the satellite, the Justice League of America assembles. The Green Arrow takes out his frustration on his teammates. The Red Tornado manages to calm the Green Arrow down. The Elongated Man determines that the androids are likely to strike at the Metropolis Marathon.

The Hawkman studies the one downed android, tracking a broadcast signal back to a base station. The Black Canary regains consciousness, bound to a wall. Her true abductor is revealed to be Professor Ivo, the creator of Amazo. An immortality serum has left Ivo a hideously disfigured freak. Ivo intends to siphon off the life force of people in peak physical condition, to restore his appearance. Ivo's androids attack the marathon. The Green Arrow immediately destroys one of the androids. In retaliation, his bow is shattered, and his bow arm injured.

Attempting to establish kinship with the androids, the Red Tornado reasons with them, only to be struck down. Superman enters the fray, only to discover that the androids' weapons' fire is powerful enough to harm him. Aquaman, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman journey to the base station. They are immediately ambushed, in an attack that takes out both Aquaman, and the Hawkman. Using the Elongated Man's arms as a bow, the Green Arrow hits one of the androids with a tracking device.

Wonder Woman telepathically summons her invisible plane, ramming it into three of the androids. With her last remaining strength, Wonder Woman hurls Aquaman closer to the shoreline, in hopes of reviving him. Wonder Woman is struck down by the androids. Following the Green Arrow's tracking device, the Justice League of America storm Ivo's lair. Ivo orders his androids to attack the Justice League of America. The rising tide revives Aquaman.

Using his telepathic powers, Aquaman summons sea tortoises, ordering them to carry one of the disabled androids out to sea. Aquaman dives beneath the waves, and puts the android's costume on. Clad in the android's garb, Aquaman returns to the surface, picks up the Hawkman's mace, walks right past the androids into the base station, and destroys it. All of the androids are immediately deactivated. Ivo collapses in despair. The Red Tornado declares that Ivo's plan to restore his humanity would have cost him his soul.


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