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An energy beam emanating from an undersea crevice causes seaquakes in Atlantis and transforms three surface humans into elemental beings of earth, water and air. Summoned by Aquaman, the Justice League members split up to deal with the threat. Hawkman and Red Tornado are defeated by Air in Midway City; Firestorm, Zatanna and Elongated Man confront Earth in Metropolis to no avail; and Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are stymied by Water near Los Angeles. Discovering the link between the creatures and the seaquakes, the heroes travel together to Atlantis, where they battle the sorcerer Daanuth, a survivor of the original Atlantis who seeks to mystically resurrect his ancient homeland. Superman and Firestorm use stellar energy to return the elementals to normal, causing Daanuth’s powers to ebb, and he disappears into the collapsing ruins of Atlantis.

A sea quake strikes Atlantis. Aquaman investigates the cataclysm, tracking it's origin point to the site of the original Atlantis. A rainbow bursts forth from the fissure, from which the ancient city can be accessed. The rainbow splits into three beams, that strike three different individuals, in three different locations. Aquaman decides to summon the Justice League of America. In Metropolis, a homeless woman is transformed into the elemental, Earth. In Los Angeles, a movie producer, Marty Lasko, is transformed into the elemental, Water. In Midway City, a construction worker, Gary Johnson, is transformed into the elemental, Air.

Aquaman explains the crisis coming from the ancient city of Atlantis. The Justice League of America is alerted to three crisis points, in Metropolis, the Pacific Ocean, and Midway City. As Atlantis is in no immediate danger, the Justice League of America address the new problems first, much to Aquaman's dismay. Despite his desire to save his adopted city, Metropolis, Superman is needed more in the Pacific, much to Superman's dismay. The Hawkman, and the Red Tornado, address the vortex endangering lives in Midway City. While the Hawkman rescues civilians, the Red Tornado tries to dissipate the vortex with his own. The Red Tornado fails.

The Red Tornado is drawn into the vortex, and spit out the top. The Hawkman catches the Red Tornado. The Hawkman, and the Red Tornado confront Air. The Hawkman, and the Red Tornado, are subdued by Air. The Elongated Man, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and Zatanna address the pillar of stones, rising up from the bedrock of Metropolis. Zatanna's magics fail to resolve the crisis. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man confronts Earth. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man is subdued by Earth. Aquaman, Superman, and Wonder Woman address the water spout in the Pacific Ocean. Aquaman rescues civilians, while Superman tries, and fails, to dissipate the spout with his heat vision.

Water attacks Superman, and Wonder Woman, encasing them in a globe of water. Superman manages to evaporate the bubble, with his heat vision, before Wonder Woman drowns. The Justice League of America reassemble aboard their satellite headquarters. The Elongated Man triangulates the three crisis points, and discovers that they are equidistant from ancient Atlantis. The Justice League of America storm ancient Atlantis. There, they are attacked by monstrous sea life, controlled by the ancient Atlantean sorcerer, Garn Daanuth. For millennia, Garn Daanuth has awaited the day, when the stars would be in the proper alignment, to resurrect Atlantis.

While the Justice League of America struggles against the horrific sea life, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, the Red Tornado, and Superman withdraw from the conflict. On the surface, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, the Red Tornado, and Superman confront the elementals. Superman has Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, create a prism, to dilute and refract the starlight Garn Daanuth is drawing upon. Without Garn Daanuth's power keeping it together, the ancient city of Atlantis crumbles into ruins. Garn Daanuth is lost in the cataclysm. The elementals revert to the human beings transformed by Garn Daanuth's magic. The threat has been resolved.

Note: Despite their presence on the cover, the Atom, the Black Canary, and the Green Arrow do no appear in this issue.


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