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Remember Underworld Unleashed?

If you do then maybe you will agree with me that this issue's bad guy, Libra, is giving whomever will join his cause their heart's ready for some pumped up villains and some major changes...and possibly the death of a Leaguer in the future. Underworld Unleashed had villains selling their souls to the demon Neron. Final Crisis is villains worshiping Darkseid. UU had many developments that are even relevant today...such as Kid Devil, who gained powers from Neron but would lose his soul if he lost trust in Blue Devil (which he did and in the future Neron will collect), Abra Kadabra gained real magic powers instead of the future tech he used, and many other villains were pumped up...I can see this happening in the future in Final Crisis...

My fave part of the issue was the beginning where Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman discuss changes for the league...the chemistry is outstanding!

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