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The heroes triumphantly defeat Per Degaton on Earth-2 in 1942 (reverting him to a lowly lab assistant to Prof. Zee in 1947, remembering the events he caused as only another dream), as well as the Crime Syndicate (returning them to their limbo prison in the Earth-3 universe), returning things to normal on both Earth-2 in 1982 and Earth-Prime circa 1962 (with all forgetting this adventure ever happened).

Nine members of the All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, return to Washington D.C. The teams apprise President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of their progress. Doctor Fate, Robotman & Superman have destroyed Per Degaton's surveillance satellite, while also subduing Ultraman. Aquaman, Liberty Belle & Starman stormed one of Per Degaton's hidden missile bases, in the South Pacific, taking down Superwoman along the way. The Hawkman, the Huntress and Johnny Quick engaged Power Ring, in the Mid-West, at another of Per Degaton's missile sites.

The three teams of heroes have recovered twenty-four, of Per Degaton's twenty-seven atomic warheads. Two teams have yet to report back in. The Hawkman reattaches Robotman's severed arm. The Hawkman speaks of the altered timeline, where Per Degaton's machinations in the past, have made him master of the world in the present. Doctor Fate speaks of nuclear destruction on Earth-Prime, collateral damage in Per Degaton's quest for power. Commander Steel, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man and Power Girl arrive in Geneva. Commander Steel is attacked by Per Degaton's forces. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, reveals Per Degaton's hidden base, within a clock tower.

Power Girl storms the clock tower, only to be repelled by the evil Johnny Quick, of the Crime Syndicate of America. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, subdues Johnny Quick, but not before the final three nuclear missiles are launched. Commander Steel, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man and Power Girl just manage to destroy the missiles, before they reach their intended targets. The three heroes report their progress to the President. The All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, make plans to storm Per Degaton's stronghold. Firebrand, the Golden Age Green Lantern, and Zatanna meet with Professors Everson and Zee.

It is their time machine that Per Degaton has used, in 1947, to change history, on both Earth-2 and Earth-Prime. In 1942, however, the time machine is still just theoretical. The Golden Age Green Lantern and Zatanna, combine their powers to complete the work on the time machine. The three heroes use the time machine to journey to the year 1962, in Cuba, on Earth-Prime. Firebrand, the Golden Age Green Lantern and Zatanna intend to prevent the Crime Syndicate of America from stealing the Russian nuclear warheads, thus setting the timeline right again. The All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America storm Per Degaton's stronghold.

After a pitched battle, Per Degaton's forces are defeated, and Per Degaton, himself, is taken into custody. The Huntress personally takes down the Owlman. The Crime Syndicate of America, with Per Degaton, step through a rift in time, only to be ambushed by Firebrand, the Golden Age Green Lantern and Zatanna. Taken by surprise, the Crime Syndicate of America, save for Power Ring, are easily defeated. The Golden Age Green Lantern duels with Power Ring, ultimately winning their conflict. Per Degaton tries to flee, but Zatanna renders him unconscious. With the nuclear missile theft prevented, and the Crime Syndicate of America, and Per Degaton defeated, the proper timeline is restored.

All parties vanish, with no memory of their adventure, as history resumes it's normal course. Once more, in 1942, the All-Star Squadron return to the Justice Society of America's headquarters. Once more, in 1947, Per Degaton rambles on about a dream he had, one where he had conquered the world. Once more, in limbo, the Crime Syndicate of America, strategize their escape from their prison bubble. Finally, in 1982, the Justice League of America welcome the Justice Society of America, to their satellite headquarters, in orbit over Earth-1. Troubled by residual feelings from the past crisis, Power Girl seeks comfort in the arms of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man.


  • 19th Annual Justice League of America and Justice Society of America team up.
  • Earth-Prime appears.
  • Roy Thomas credited as Plot Consultant.
  • Story continued from All-Star Squadron #15.
  • Story concludes in this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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