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The attacks by the Royal Flush Gang continue: Superman is defeated by the Queen of Spades at a circus, and Green Arrow is attacked aboard the JLA satellite by the Ten, while Elongated Man and Black Canary trace a clue to their antagonists to Megaform Industries and its president, Derek Reston.

Superman juggles elephants, for charity, at a circus. Using her ability to generate illusions, the Queen Of Spades casts herself as Lois Lane. Superman spirits "Lane" off for some private time. "Lane" passionately kisses the Man of Steel. Superman realizes that "Lane" is not Lane. The Queen Of Spades fells Superman with her royal scepter, hurling him back through the circus ferris wheel. Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Elongated Man starts to panic. The Black Canary, and the Green Arrow, teleport aboard the satellite. The Elongated Man reveals that Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, were recovered, unconscious, by fisherman, in the Pacific Ocean.

Wonder Woman was sent to investigate, but has since gone missing. The Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, teleport back to Earth, to search for Wonder Woman. The Green Arrow is not happy to be left behind, on monitor duty. The Queen Of Spades returns to the House Of Cards. Her victory over Superman is met with thunderous applause. The Jack Of Spadess has grown suspicious of the Ace Of Spades. The Elongated Man locates Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess is barely breathing, in a comatose state. Wonder Woman is hospitalized, alongside Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Their brainwave activity is diminishing by the minute.

David Lorenzo, a radiologist, recognizes the technology the Elongated Man collected at the crime scene. The Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, report their findings to the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow informs them of Superman's defeat. The Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, follow Lorenzo's lead, to Megaform Industries. The Ten Of Spades attacks the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow fights a desperate evasive battle, against the Ten Of Spades, until he can reach his bow and quiver. The Green Arrow immobilizes the Ten Of Spades with his cocoon arrow. The Ten of Spades recovers quickly, and strikes down the Green Arrow.

The Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, surreptitiously enter Megaform Industries. The Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, subdue two employees, to put on their clothes. So disguised, the Black Canary, and the Elongated Man, enter the office of Derek Reston, President of Megaform Industries. Reston immediately recognizes the two heroes, and savagely attacks them. The Black Canary nearly kills Reston, when she accidentally kicks him through a window. The Elongated Man saves Reston. Subdued, Reston suddenly seems to wake, as if from a trance. Unbeknownst to the Black Canary, or the Elongated Man, Reston has been an unwitting pawn of their true foe, Hector Hammond.


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