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At sea, Aquaman and Firestorm have a damaging encounter with a hydrofoil piloted by the Jack and Ten of Spades, members of a new version of the Royal Flush Gang. Rescued by fishermen, the two heroes are taken to UCLA Medical Center. When Wonder Woman goes to join them there, she is defeated by the King of Spades. Meanwhile, at the Royal Flush Gang’s headquarters, the Jack discovers that the Ace, who had recruited the other members, is secretly a robot reporting to a superior known only as “Wild Card.”

Aquaman trains Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Aquaman becomes aware of undersea activity disturbing the fish. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, completely forgetting the lesson Aquaman just taught him, blindly flies in to investigate. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, is struck down. Aquaman telepathically summons an army of octopi, ordering them to pelt the newly revealed hydrofoil's air jets with stones. With the hydrofoil disabled, Aquaman tears through the hull, only to be struck down by the Jack Of Spades. A pair of dolphins carry Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, away from the Jack Of Spades. The Jack of Spades amorously gropes the Ten Of Spades.

The Jack Of Spades' unwelcome advances are rebuffed by the Ten Of Spades. The Jack of Spades, and the Ten of Spades journey to the Mojave Desert, returning to the House of Cards. At the House of Cards, the Jack Of Spades, and the Ten Of Spades, make their reports to the Royal Flush Gang. The Jack Of Spades claims victory over Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. The Ten Of Spades contradicts the Jack of Spades' account. The deaths of Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, were not confirmed. The Jack of Spades reflects upon his teammates. The Ten Of Spades was once Wanda Wayland, a test pilot for Curtis Aircraft.

When Wayland refused her boss' sexual advances, Wayland was fired. The Ace Of Spades recruited Wayland into the New Royal Flush Gang, promising her revenge against her oppressors. Prior to joining the Royal Flush Gang, the Jack of Spades had been a two-bit confidence man, and gigolo. When he was caught, red-handed, trying to steal an old woman's necklace, the Jack Of Spades pushed her off a rooftop, to her death. Terrified of being arrested, and spending the rest of his life in jail, the Jack of Spades readily accepted the Ace of Spades' offer to join the Royal Flush Gang. The Queen of Spades was once Mona Taylor, the "Queen Of Broadway", until alcoholism ended her career.

The Ace Of Spades offered Taylor a second act, in the Royal Flush Gang. The King Of Spades was once Joe Carny, a vagrant known as the "King Of The Road". Dying of lung cancer, Carny readly accepted the Ace Of Spades' offer to join the Royal Flush Gang. Only the origin of the Ace of Spades is unknown to the Jack of Spades. It is a mystery that does not sit well with the Jack Of Spades. Aquaman, and Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, are fished out of the Pacific Ocean. The Coast Guard informs the Elongated Man of their condition. A dazzling flash forces Wonder Woman to land her invisible jet. Wonder Woman is attacked by the King Of Spades.

The King Of Spades uses his force of personality to subdue Wonder Woman, before striking her down. The King Of Spades reports his success to the Ace Of Spades, Unbeknownst to the Ace Of Spades, the Jack Of Spades is watching him. The Ace Of Spades reports to his mysterious superior. While doing so, the Ace Of Spades reveals that it is a robot. Eavesdropping, the Jack Of Spades learns that the Ace Of Spades has orders to terminate the Royal Flush Gang, as soon as they have terminated the Justice League Of America.


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