Justice League of America #202

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #202 - Star Fall released by DC Comics on May 1982.

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    An accident occurs while Batman is performing extravehicular maintenance on the JLA satellite, causing Hawkman to summon the other members to effect repairs and sending an unconscious Batman drifting into space. Attempting to retrieve him, the heroes find he has been rescued by a gigantic alien automated medical ship, whose computer-sensors have mistaken him for an explorer-member of the extraterrestrial race that created it. The ship heals his injuries, transforming him into a mentally deranged double of the alien explorer, Ursak.

    The Batman does repair work on the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters. An accident shorts out the main power systems, rendering the Batman unconscious, and adrift in space. A hull breach threatens a total loss of life support. The Hawkman summons the Justice League of America. After preventing a burning building from collapsing, long enough for firemen to evacuate the occupants, Wonder Woman responds to Hawkman's distress signal. After finishing her act, Zatanna responds to the Hawkman's distress signal. After helping a crying child repair his remote controlled airplane, the Atom responds to the Hawkman's distress signal.

    After setting a group of rude teenagers straight, the Red Tornado responds to the Hawkman's distress signal. The rest of the Justice League of America are incapable of responding to the Hawkman's distress signal. The Red Tornado uses his vortex power to slow the bleed of oxygen from the satellite. Wonder Woman and Zatanna, seal the hull breach. The Hawkman loses the Batman's radar signature. The Justice League of America board their inter-planetary shuttle, to search for the Batman. The Red Tornado and Zatanna, feel a strange sensation, as the ship approaches the Batman's last known location. The ship penetrates an invisible force field, surrounding a city-sized starship.

    Automatic defenses target the Justice League of America. While the Justice League of America desperately fights to survive the starship's ever more lethal defenses, the Atom manages to open the ship's airlock. The Justice League of America enter the ship, marveling at it's incredibly advanced technology. The Justice League of America are confronted by a robot. Eons ago, a race of adventurers sent their master explorer, Ursak, on a deep space mission of exploration. Ursak catalogued a number of strange, new worlds, before falling prey to savagery. Horribly injured, by a race of primitives, Ursak sent out a distress signal, then awaited his rescue in suspended animation.

    The starship is that rescue vessel. It has waited, for 200,000 years to receive a response signal from Ursak. Believing the Batman to be Ursak, the automated computers attempted to mend his injuries. The result is that the Batman has been transformed into a horrific creature. To make matters worse, the surgeries have driven the Batman insane. The Batman attacks Wonder Woman, then Zatanna. The Atom fails to subdue the Batman. The Red Tornado is close to subduing the Batman, when the medical robot strikes the Red Tornado down. The Hawkman lures the Batman into the ship's core. The Batman destroys the Hawkman's wings.

    The Hawkman tricks the Batman into destroying the computer's core systems. the resultant explosion renders the Batman unconscious. The Hawkman reprograms the computer, and has it restore the Batman's humanity. Upon recovery, the Batman learns, from the Hawkman, that the rescue ship has been waiting in the wrong place for the past 200,000 years. Earth was the first planet Ursak visited, not the last. After programming in the proper coordinates, the Hawkman sends the hospital ship on it's way. The Justice League of America wonder how Ursak will react, upon awaking 200,000 year late.

    Notes: Aquaman, Superman, Flash and Firestorm cameo appearances.


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