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Ultraa is back...and if Superman can’t stop him, what chance do the other JLAers have?

Joe Parry reflects on the mistakes of his past. Years ago, Parry had discovered an alien device that could turn thought into reality. Using this device, Parry came into conflict with the Justice League of America. By chance, Parry encounters, and befriends, Ultraa, the Ultimate Warrior. Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Black Canary, and the Green Arrow, hone their respective skill sets. The Black Canary shuts off the gravity to, literally lighten the Green Arrow's mood. An emergency signal, from the Atom, brings the Justice League of America together.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation asks the Justice League of America to look into a series of bank robberies, perpetrated by Ultraa, and Parry. While the Justice League of America call on Parry, the Flash races to Midway City, to recruit the Hawkman. Still mourning the disappearance of the Hawkgirl, the Hawkman, reluctantly, agrees to accompany the Flash. The Green Arrow reveals the Justice League of America's history, with Ultraa, to the Atom.The Green Arrow fires a concussion arrow into Parry's apartment. Parry is rendered unconscious, but the blast just enrages Ultraa.

The shockwave of Ultraa's punch, to Superman, renders the Atom, the Black Canary, and the Green Arrow unconscious, and sends them all flying out of the apartment. By the time Superman has returned, meeting up with the Flash, and the Hawkman, Ultraa has fled. Ultraa begins demolishing a casino. The Hawkman asks to take on Ultraa alone. The Hawkman is immediately beaten into unconsciousness. Ultraa subdues Superman, and then the Flash. Ultraa bemoans the mistakes he continues to make with his life. Upon recovery, the Hawkman offers Ultraa a better way. Parry is sentenced, and returns to prison. Ultraa is placed with a tribe of Aborigines, where he finally finds a measure of happiness, and peace.


  • Super Duper, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Red Tornado and Batman cameo flashback appearances.
  • Earth-Prime cameo flashback appearance.

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