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    The new Justice League of America team continues to form, but the question remains: What do these heroes want in return for their membership? Secret motives are everywhere, and the outcome will have a huge impact on this team and the rest of The New 52. Plus, the alien MANHUNTER’s back-up series begins revealing more about J’onn’s plans for this team...and the other Justice League.

    The story open up with the Scarecrow chained to a chair. The Outsider enters and promises the give the Scarecrow what he always wanted and to keep him out of Arkham Asylum in return for a favor to be redeemed later. The Scarecrow resistant at first become intrigued with the Outsiders offer.

    Green Arrow is recovering from his injuries and the Team is being set up in more ways than one for their fist mission. Then things turn into a lot of politics like keeping the Catwoman hidden for the media, controlling the team through motives and getting an endorsement from Barack Obama. The Martian Manhunter even offers to manipulate Green Arrows mind making him go along with something he might not normally agree with. Fortunately, Steve Trevor tells him not to.

    When the mission finally gets underway the team seems to be leaving one by one, or are they being taken out one by one. It remains unclear but the rest of the team is confronted by what looks to be android versions of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Steve Trevor is quickly taken down ironically enough by Wonder Woman and this segment of the story ends.

    The last part of the book is an epilogue at first showing hoe the Martian Manhunter get the president to endorse the team. This looks to be heavily influenced by Amanda Waller. The is done by showing that no matter how secure the secret is for the White House a shooter can still get inside. The Martian Manhuter could have stopped him at anytime but does not do so until the last second to prove the point.


    There is a backup teaser to a Superman story in Action Comics.

    The Chanel 52 Team shows up in another feature as to what is going on in the New 52.


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    Mission One 0

    I was really looking forward to this series, and the first issue didn't disappoint. Although I still prefer the original Justice League members, I found the whole concept of a group of controversial characters protecting America was brilliant, and Geoff Johns, and David Finch did a brilliant job with the first issue.PlotThe Justice League of America come together, and although certain members like Green Lantern (Simon Baz) are absence, most are together, and they have their first mission, to sto...

    10 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    Martain Manhunter backup!!! 0

    I really liked the first issue it was a strong start to the series and I was exceptionally excited for the next issue as I wanted to see how the story went next as it ended very abruptly and with this team you’re excited for anything that happens.PlotScarecrow is tied to a chair and is being talked to by a member of the secret society and asks if Scarecrow would join them. The Justice League all meet up apart from Green Lantern and Catwoman begins to try manipulating people. The Justice League ...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Field Test 0

    This issue has a pretty decent 'first issue' kind of cover, where the focus isn't a flag, and the characters are all pretty well balanced. The flipside is that this is definitely among the weaker of David Finch's artwork. It looks incredibly rushed and heavy and just not like what I'm used to from him.The secret society is definitely getting some interesting setup. The opening scene appears to reveal the leader, but not his actual identity. He shares a few disappointing design similarities to T...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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