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Can nothing stop the Lord of Time from becoming master of the world? Find out in “Grand Canyon Showdown”!

The Lord Of Time has dispatched four members, of the Justice League of America, to the year 1878. There they will serve as his unwitting pawns, in a scheme to absorb the energy of an anti-matter bubble. Said energy will be used to further the Lord Of Times' goals of conquest, in the future. Superman, in a failed bid to stop the Lord Of Time, lies barely conscious, slowly dying of kryptonite radiation poisoning. Using his X-ray vision, Superman locates the Lord Of Time's invisible chronal command chamber.

In the past, Jonah Hex guns down a robot gunfighter that has been tailing him and Green Lantern. Following that they ride into Desecration, Arizona where they meet The Elongated Man, Scalphunter, Cinnamon, and Zatanna. Though unaware of their own identities, The Elongated Man and Zatanna are certain they know one another. The Flash, too, seems to know The Elongated Man, and Zatanna. Unbeknownst to all, they are being observed by a trio of robot gunfighters.

The group sees the trio of robot gunfighters riding for the Grand Canyon. The Flash pursues; outwitting one of the robots when it tries to ambush him. The Flash destroys it.

The group realizes that the robots are leading them to the Grand Canyon. Bat Lash, Cinnamon, Hex, and Scalphunter pursue the remaining two robot gunfighters. Using his power ring, the Green Lantern discovers the anti-matter bubble descending on the Grand Canyon. Green Lantern, and Zatanna, fly into orbit to try to intercept the bubble.



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Guess They Were Focused on Issue 200 0

The Cover Tells the Whole Story Issue 199 of Justice League of America, "Grand Canyon Showdown", concludes the tale begun last issue "Once Upon a Time in the Wild Wild West...".The art is good, though Cinnamon and Bat Lash meet for the first time, and they are dressed nearly identically, but no one seems to wonder about it.The story, on the other hand, really doesn't seem to make much sense. It seems as if it was perhaps condensed from a larger, longer story with chunks just left out for reasons...

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