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It’s the most sensational showdown of all time! Bat Lash! Cinnamon! Jonah Hex! And Scalphunter! Versus the Justice League of America!

Spying vultures flying in the distance, Jonah Hex heads to investigate. He comes across Green Lantern. Green Lantern warns the gunfighter off, before collapsing, presumably from exhaustion and exposure. Hex tends to him, and upon recovery, Green Lantern says he has no memory of who he is. Jonah Hex and the Green Lantern establish an uneasy friendship. Unbeknownst to them, they're being observed.

In Desecration, Arizona, a group of ruffians attempt to assault Zatanna before they can rape her, Cinnamon intervenes. Zatanna then conjures a powerful wind that sweeps her assailants out into the street. The effort exhausts her and she collapses into Cinnamon's arms. Again, unbeknownst to the two women, they are being observed.

The Elongated Man rescues the Scalphunter from a cougar attack. When Scalphunter thanks him and introduces himself, The Elongated Man says he has no memory of his own identity. Again, the two are under surveillance.

In Tuscon, Bat Lash is accused of cheating at cards and run out of town, but The Flash confronts Lash's accuser who was the one who was actually cheating. The Flash turns the crooked gambler over to the sheriff, clearing Bat Lash's good name. The Flash stirs up a dust storm, at super-human speed, to thwart Bat Lash's pursuers and stops him on the road to tell him his name has been cleared. In gratitude, Bat Lash offers to take the Flash to a doctor, to help him regain his memory.

Meanwhile, Superman, who is on monitor duty aboard the Justice League satellite, becomes concerned when the quartet of JLA-ers fails to check in. He asks Atom to take his shift so he can investigate. It isn't long before he finds something.


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The Justice League in the Old West 0

DC's Western heroes meet DC's modern superheroes In the run up to issue 200 of Justice League of America, there was a two part story that sent four JLA-ers back to the American West in 1878. This issue's story, "Once Upon A Time, in the Wild, Wild West!" was the first part of the story. As such it spends a lot of time setting things up: Jonah Hex meets Green Lantern; Zatanna meets Cinnamon; The Elongated Man meets Scalphunter; The Flash meets Bat Lash.Meanwhile in 1981, Superman, investigating t...

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