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The Secret Society of Super-Villains send ten members of the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, into limbo. According to the Ultra-Humanite, the removal of these specific heroes will upset the cosmic balance of the universe. To restore this balance, all of the heroes of either Earth-1, or Earth-2, will be erased from reality. Two minutes after the ten heroes disappear into limbo, the mulitiverse heaves in disarray, as it resets the cosmic balance. As the Ultra-Humanite expected, all the heroes vanish from Earth-2. The Cheetah, Killer Frost, the Plant-Master, and the Signal Man get the sense that they have been betrayed by the Ultra-Humanite.

They were led to believe that there was a fifty percent chance that Earth-1 would lose it's heroes. Clearly, that was never the case. The Earth-1 villains move to attack the Earth-2 villains. The Ultra-Humanite transports the Cheetah, Killer Frost, the Plant-Master, and the Signal Man back to Earth-1. Killer Frost immediately attempts to use the transmatter machine to return them to Earth-2. Anticipating this tactic, the Ultra-Humanite rigged the transmatter machine to self-destruct, should it be activated. Having never wanted to return to a life of crime, the Plant-Master vents his frustration by attacking Killer Frost. Killer Frost subdues the Plant-Master.

Spying the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, in the night sky, Killer Frost comes up with a new strategy. The Green Lantern responds to a Justice League of America emergency signal. Before he can reach the Justice League transporter, the Green Lantern is attacked by the Cheetah. The Green Lantern subdues the Cheetah, only to be frozen by Killer Frost. Using the Green Lantern's presence to activate the transporter, the Secret Society of Super-Villains beam up to the satellite. The Signal Man subdues the Elongated Man. With all the heroes removed from Earth-2, the Mist, the Monocle, the Psycho Pirate, and the Rag Doll go on a crime spree.

The Brainwave abducts the most desirable woman in the world, to be his lover. The Ultra-Humanite addresses the nations of the world, declaring himself ruler over them all. The Secret Society of Super-Villains use the Justice League of America's inter-dimensional transmatter machine to travel to limbo. The Ultra-Humanite's cosmic centrifuge proves invulnerable to the myriad powers of Killer Frost, the Plant-Master, and the Signal Man. Manipulating the Cheetah's insane hatred of Wonder Woman, Killer Frost sends the Cheetah in. The Cheetah leaps upon the rapidly spinning centrifuge, Slowly, painfully, the Cheetah makes her way to the stasis tube holding Wonder Woman.

With a single blow, the Cheetah shatters the stasis tube, resulting in an explosion that destroys the centrifuge. Upon recovery, the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, team up to take down the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The Brainwave, the Mist, the Monocle, the Psycho Pirate, the Rag Doll, and the Ultra-Humanite are summoned to the Secret Citadel, in Nepal. Each believes that one of the others has called them together. All deny doing so. In truth, it is the Justice League of America, together with the Justice Society of America, who have brought the Secret Society of Super-Villains together in one place.

The Golden Age Superman punches the Ultra-Humaite across the room. The Golden Age Hawkman attacks the Monocle. The Golden Age Flash attacks the Rag Doll. The Hourman attacks the Psycho Pirate. The Black Canary attacks the Mist. Johnny Thunder, and his mystic Thunderbolt, attack the Brainwave. While Firestorm, the Nuclear Man keeps an eye on the battle, the Atom, the Batman, and Wonder Woman reprogram the Ultra-Humanite's transmatter machine. As soon as the transmatter machine is activated, the Justice Society of America begin hurling their foes into the transmatter beam. The Justice League of America return to Earth-1. The Earth-2 Secret Society of Super-Villains finds itself transported to limbo, where they must face the, still, very angry Earth-1 Secret Society of Super-Villains.


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