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The Secret Society of Super-Villains have abducted the Black Canary, the Golden Age Hawkman, and Wonder Woman. The Ultra-Humanite explains the plan. Sending ten specific super-heroes into limbo will upset the cosmic balance. To right this upset, all heroes will vanish from one world, either Earth-1 or Earth-2. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Ultra-Humanite knows which Earth will lose all it's heroes. The Psycho Pirate disrupts Rex Tyler's presentation. Tyler responds, as the Hourman.

The Hourman uses his cape, to block his eyes, from seeing the Psycho Pirate's facial expressions, thus neutralizing the Psycho Pirate's emotion manipulating powers. The Psycho Pirate employs a Psycho-Prism, to project his expression on the very light waves of the room. No matter where the Hourman looks, he sees the Psycho Pirate's expression, one of extreme drowsiness. The Hourman collapses into a deep sleep. The Batman is momentarily blinded by the flash of a signal flare, heralding an attack by the Signal Man.

The Batman manages to break his fall, against a movie marquee. Using a series of flashing signals, the Signal Man hypnotizes the crowd of bystanders into attacking the Batman. Not wishing to fight back against civilians, the Batman is quickly overwhelmed. The Golden Age Flash, acting on an anonymous tip, searches a cargo ship for the Rag Doll. The Rag Doll ambushes the Golden Age Flash, then leaps into the ship's hold. The Golden Age Flash follows, walking straight into a trap. An explosive device detonates, rendering the Golden Age Flash unconscious.

The Atom responds to a hostage situation, at the Ivy Town Arboretum. The Atom confronts his old nemesis, Plant-Master, the Floronic Man. The Atom fights a pitched battle against the Plant-Master. Ultimately, the Atom is overwhelmed by tranquilizing pollen. Johnny Thunder wins a new wardrobe from a swanky clothier. Thunder inadvertently summons his magic Thunderbolt, while in conversation with the proprietor. The Thunderbolt immediately notices suspicious activities on the premises. Attempting to locate Thunder, the Thunderbolt instead comes across the Brainwave.

The Thunderbolt is dissipated by a powerful blast of psychic energy. Thunder is attacked by the Brainwave. Thunder desperately tries to evade the Brainwave. Thunder discovers his Thunderbolt, trapped inside a bottle of cleaning fluid. Thunder releases the Thunderbolt, only to discover it to be an illusuon. Thunder is struck down by the Brainwave. Ronnie Raymond runs out on his date, with Doreen Day, to confront Killer Frost, as Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. After a brief fight, Killer Frost brings the ceiling, weighted down with ice, down upon Firestorm, the Nuclear Man.

The Golden Age Superman is summoned to an ape cage, in Metropolis. There, the Golden Age Superman is attacked by the Ultra-Humanite. The Golden Age Superman is rendered unconscious by a fine spray of kryptonite particles. The ten members of the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, are placed into the Ultra-Humanite's "Cosmic-Fuge", and transported into limbo.


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