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Secret Of Genesis

Aquaman stealthily approaches T.O.Morrow's secret lair. Aquaman eavesdrops on T.O.Morrow's insidious plans for the Red Tornado. Having heard enough, Aquaman storms T.O. Morrow's lair. Though taken by surprise, T.O.Morrow is quick to retaliate with his power sceptre, incapacitating Aquaman. Encased in a crystalline sheath, Aquaman is left to die, while T.O. Morrow teleports away, with the Red Tornado. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, the Flash, and Superman scour New York City, in search of the Red Tornado. The Flash discovers that T. O Morrow is no longer incarcerated in Central City. The Green Lantern arrives, carrying the possibly dead body of Aquaman.

T. O Morrow disects the Red Tornado, unexpectedly releasing a powerful blast wave of energy, destroying his mountain lair. Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman feverishly works to release Aquaman from his crystal coffin. When Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, voices the hopelessness of Aquaman's situation, the Flash takes him aside. The Flash chastises, and reprimands, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, for his insensitivity. A sentiment echoed by Professor Martin Stein. Wonder Woman cracks open the crystal coffin, releasing copious amounts of steam.

Wonder Woman activates the emergency sprinklers, flooding the medical bay with water. Aquaman, barely conscious, confirms that T.O.Morrow is their adversary. The Justice League of America confront T.O.Morrow. Listening to T.O.Morrow's heartbeat, Superman learns that T.O.Morrow doesn't know where, or what has happened, to the Red Tornado. T.O.Morrow gets the drop on the Justice League of America, with his power sceptre. Before T.O.Morrow can take advantage of the situation, he is attacked by the Tornado Tyrant. T.O. Morrow is violently rendered unconscious. The Tornado Tyrant targets the Justice League of America.

The Green Lantern makes a tactical mistake on the battlefield, resulting in his, and Wonder Woman's, defeat. The Tornado Tyrant strikes down the Flash, then Superman. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, is poised to attack, when he is stopped by the Tornado Champion. The Tornado Champion reveals that it started it's existence as the Tornado Tyrant. Defeated, on Rann, by Adam Strange, the Tornado Tyrant came to believe good was stronger than evil. Observing a conflict between Adam Strange, the Justice League of America, and Kanjar Ro, the Tornado Champion decided to emulate the Justice League of America.

The Tornado Champion transformed an alien world into an exact replica of Earth, then transformed itself into the Justice League of America, of that Earth. The Tornado Champion's evil side manifested, as the Tornado Tyrant. Defeated by the Tornado Tyrant, the Tornado Champion engineered a conflict between the Tornado Tyrant, and the true Justice League of America. The Justice League of America triumphed. Learning from their victory, the Tornado Champion defeated the Tornado Tyrant, once and for all. Journeying to Earth-2, the Tornado Champion happened upon T.O.Morrow, who was building an android killer, the Red Tornado.

The Tornado Champion inhabited the inert form of the Red Tornado, losing all memory of itself. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, is astonished to hear that the Red Tornado is actually a living being. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, uses his atomic restructuring power to rebuild the Red Tornado, trapping, and fusing the Tornado Champion, and the Tornado Tyrant, once again within the Red Tornado's body. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, decides to keep the true origin, and nature, of the Red Tornado to himself. The Red Tornado recovers, with no memory of the last several hours.

All Star Squadron

On the eve of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, desperately tries to contact the Justice Society of America. In southern California, the Golden Age Flash, the Golden Age Green Lantern, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman compete in a charity race. On hand in the audience are reporter Johnny Chambers, and his cameraman, Tubby Watts. The Golden Age Wonder Woman wins the race, garnering a trophy, presented by Wildcat. The Golden Age Flash, the Golden Age Green Lantern, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman go on a picnic, to get to know one another better. They are attacked by Solomon Grundy.

Though they have never faced the Marshland Monster before, the creature seems very familiar with them. Solomon Grundy wins the battle, and though he harbors murderous desire in his heart to slay the Golden Age Green Lantern, he stays his hand, at the behest of his master, Per Degaton. Unable to establish contact with the Justice Society of America, Vice President Harry S. Truman suggests reaching out, instead, to the Law's Legionnaires. Roosevelt, however, only wants the Justice Society of America. Wesley Dodds, Ted Knight, and Johnny Thunder watch Libby Lawrence, on the nightly news.

Spying a flying pirate ship outside of Dodds' penthouse apartment, Dodds and Knight decide to investigate, as the Golden Age Sandman, and the Golden Age Starman. Johnny Thunder summons his Thunderbolt. The pirate ship is revealed to be merely a deceptively painted dirigible. Upon boarding the dirigible, Johnny Thunder is immediately knocked unconscious, causing the Thunderbolt to fade away. The Golden Age Sandman, and the Golden Age Starman, fight their way through the crew, before being gassed into unconsciousness, by the Sky Pirate. Doctor Fate sees Wotan closing on his Salem Tower home. Inza Nelson pleads with Doctor Fate not to engage Wotan.

Doctor Fate and Wotan clash, simultaneously defeating each other. "Wotan" however, is revealed to be the Spectre. The true Wotan has tricked Doctor Fate, and the Spectre, into battling each other. Ensign Rod Reily drops his sister, Danette, on a volcanic island. The Golden Age Batman, the Golden Age Robin, the Boy Wonder, and the Golden Age Superman attend a charity event for the military. There, they are attacked by Professor Zodiak. With just a few drops of his Elixir Of Youth, Professor Zodiak transforms the Golden Age Batman, and the Golden Age Robin, the Boy Wonder, into infants. Professor Zodiak uses kryptonite to render the Golden Age Superman unconscious.

Roosevelt reaches out to Plastic Man, asking him to personally call upon the Justice Society of America. At the Lincoln Memorial, the Golden Age Atom, the Golden Age Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Golden Age Hawkman, are attacked by the Monster. Upon his defeat, the Monster fades away. Unbeknownst to the three heroes, their conflict was observed by the Golden Age Robotman. Roosevelt is disappointed that he cannot contact the Justice Society of America, on the eve of America's entry into World War II.



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