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The Red Tornado beams aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Superman chairs a meeting of the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman raises the issue that the Justice League of America may have exceeded it's charter. The Red Tornado interrupts the meeting, by attempting to murder the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman is about to retaliate, when her attention is drawn to the injured form of the Batman. Superman beats the Red Tornado down. The Flash dismembers the Red Tornado. The Red Tornado self-destructs, seriously injuring the Flash.

After analyzing the fragments with his power ring, the Green Lantern confirms that their attacker was, indeed, the Red Tornado. Superman, and Wonder Woman, carry the Batman, and the Flash, to the infirmary. Aquaman, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and the Green Lantern discuss the possibility of T.O.Morrow's involvement. The Red Tornado ambushes the three heroes, as they exit the lift. The Flash is placed in a Thangarian healing chamber, while Wonder Woman sets the Batman's dislocated shoulder. The Red Tornado asphyxiates Wonder Woman into unconsciousness.

The Red Tornado unleashes kryptonite on Superman, felling the Man of Steel. The glow of the kryptonite revives the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster tackles the Red Tornado, and jettisons him out of an airlock. Once again, the Red Tornado self-destructs. T.O.Morrow observes both failed assaults, from his secret mountain headquarters, in Colorado. For the life of him, T.O. Morrow cannot determine why the Red Tornado developed independence, nor why his perfect recreations of the Red Tornado are so imperfect. T.O. Morrow decides the best course of action is to abduct, and dismantle, the Red Tornado.

The Red Tornado shares an afternoon of domestic bliss, with Kathy Sutton, and Traya. T.O. Morrow takes command of the Red Tornado's mind, forcibly summoning the Red Tornado to come to T.O.Morrow. The Justice League of America investigate the Red Tornado's abduction. With the Red Tornado his captive audience, T.O.Morrow speaks of his past. How his scientific brilliance allowed him to engineer a device that allowed him to look into the future. How that same scientific brilliance allowed him to engineer a device that allowed him to steal technological innovations from the future.

One such device was a precognitive computer. Said computer advised T.O. Morrow to construct the Red Tornado, in a plot to destroy the Justice Society of America. The scheme failed, however, when the Red Tornado rebelled against his programming and turned on T.O.Morrow. It was an outcome the computer had failed to predict. Months later, after T.O.Morrow had commandeered one of the Queen Bee's old hideouts, the Red Tornado literally fell back into T.O. Morrow's hands. T.O.Morrow programmed the Red Tornado to, this time, destroy the Justice League of America.

The predictive computer had determined that if the Justice League of America were not destroyed, T.O. Morrow would, inexplicably, cease to exist. Once again, the Red Tornado rebelled, and turned against T.O.Morrow. Astonishingly, T.O. Morrow actually ceased to exist. In reality, T.O.Morrow was split into two beings. One T.O.Morrow conquered a planet, until he was overthrown by the Atom, the Flash, and Supergirl. The second T.O. Morrow died in conflict with the Red Tornado. T. O. Morrow discovered that, when he first created the Red Tornado, some outside force disrupted the precognitive computer's programming, resulting in it's errors.

When the computer realized it was malfunctioning, it actually projected T.O.Morrow out of phase with reality, to fulfill it's prophecy of his "death". Splitting T.O. Morrow into two beings was the result of the precognitive computer's binary systems. T. O. Morrow intends to solve the mystery of the Red Tornado, by any means necessary. Unbeknownst to T. O. Morrow, Aquaman has located him.


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