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The JLAers are blamed for lawless actions committed by evil doppelgangers and are exiled from Earth!

Each member of the Justice League is encountered by their super duplicate and are defeated rather easily. These imposters then use their super powers to commit crimes. Warrants are issued for the JLA. Jean Loring represents them and the league maintains their innocence. However, they have no proof so they ask to be exiled from earth.

As the JLA leave the planet, an imprisoned Doctor Destiny reads of the events. He gloats over the victory due to a new dreaming device known as the Materiopticon. While the JLA dreamt of super manifestations of themselves, the evil Destiny turned the dream version evil. They were not powerful enough to destroy the Justice League but with each passing day, they would increase in wickedness.

While in space the true Justice League compared notes and realized that they all had dreams of super versions of themselves. The Flash then mentions the mysterious letter that they received. Batman kept the letter in his utility belt for future examination. Superman and Martian Manhunter used their vision powers to examine the letter and it revealed a special ink which on exposure to air created a colorless and odorless gas with the property of inducing dreams.

The JLA devised a plan to return to earth in order to confront their evil counterparts. They would do this in their civilian identities. The league is defeated again and imprison by "Green Lantern's power ring and submerged deep inside the earth. By combining their willpower to the real GL's power ring, the JLA came back up. Then Wonder Woman explained how she overcame Dr. Light, despite having any control over her body. So the Atom came up with the idea to shrink to invisibility and have the Martian Manhunter use super breath to enter their secret sanctuary. The Atom would then enter their brains and perform a delicate brain operation where each super leaguer could not control bodily motions. Once caught, Jean Loring was able to petition for an overthrow of the court order. Then the JLA paid a visit to Dr. Destiny and shut off the Materiopticon.


  • Smoke Arrow used by Green Arrow.
  • Blackout Bomb used by Batman.

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