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“WHO CAN STOP THE SHAGGY MAN?” After Russian troops encounter what seems to be an Abominable Snowman in Siberia, two Soviet cosmonauts are dispatched to the Justice League satellite to seek aid against the League’s former foe, the monstrous Shaggy Man!

Two Russian soldiers are attacked by the Shaggy Man. One is slaughtered. The other is able to make it back to his base camp. Despite the outlandish nature of his story, the Russian soldiers investigate the attack. Upon finding evidence to back up the soldier's story, the Russian command opts to execute the soldier, and cover the story up. Two months pass. The Elongated Man is on monitor duty, aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. The Elongated Man is fighting boredom when he spies a Russian space craft approaching the satellite. The Elongated Man summons the Justice League of America. The Flash rescues a race car driver, before responding to the signal.

Oliver Queen is none too happy that his girlfriend, Dinah Drake Lance, breaks off their romantic evening's amorous activities, to respond to the signal, as the Black Canary. The Atom, and the Batman, also respond to the signal. The Justice League of America are astonished to discover the Elongated Man in the company of two Russian cosmonauts. The Russians have decided to contact the Justice League of America through more personal channels, rather than risk information getting out through more public channels. The cosmonauts provides several photographs depicting the Shaggy Man's attacks throughout Russia.

The Flash calls the cosmonauts liars. After providing proof that the Shaggy Man is still imprisoned, in the trophy room, of the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters, the Flash goes over the Shaggy Man's history. In the Justice League of America's first confrontation with the Shaggy Man, a second Shaggy Man was created, to battle, for eternity, with the first. The cosmonauts postulate that it is this second Shaggy Man that is terrorizing Russia. The Flash accuses them of lying again, and produces a video record of the second Shaggy Man's fate. The Flash, and the Green Lantern, had responded to strange seismic activity occurring in Siberia.

There, they found the Russian army engaged in combat with the Shaggy Man. The Flash was quickly subdued, followed by the Russian army. For over an hour, the Green Lantern fought a desperate battle against the Shaggy Man. Upon recovery, the Flash whisked the Shaggy Man out to sea, and imprisoned the Shaggy Man in ice. The Flash accuses the Russian government of luring the Shaggy Man out, to use as a weapon against the United States of America. Against the Flash's protests, the Justice League of America agree to go after the Shaggy Man. The Atom, the Black Canary, and the Elongated Man battle the Shaggy Man, to buy the Batman time to implement his plan.

The Batman commandeers a Russian missile. The Flash taunts the Shaggy Man, luring him to the Batman. The Batman taunts the Shaggy Man, luring him onto the missile, which is then launched into orbit. The Justice League of America fear that the Batman has sacrificed himself to dispatch the Shaggy Man. The Justice League of America are relieved to discover that the Batman they saw clinging to the missile was merely a decoy dummy.


  • Dedicated to the memory of Dick Dillon.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman, Aqualad and Mera in "Aquaman and the Space Capsule".
  • Shaggy Man, Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Explosive Arrow cameo flashback to Justice League of America #45.
  • The cover is a home to Justice League of America #129.

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