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Metron, traveling through a Boom Tube, observes several events, occurring simultaneously, on Apokolips. The Injustice Society has abducted, and enslaved, the populace of New Genesis. The majority of the populace has been put to work, building an enormous re-creation machine, powered by the Fiddler's music, to resurrect Darkseid. Firetorm, the Nuclear Man, Orion, and Power Girl tried, and failed, to stop Darkseid's resurrection. All were felled by the Fiddler. Big Barda, Superman, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman lead an army of children on an assault on Granny Goodness' orphanage/prison.

Doctor Fate, the Silver Age Green Lantern, and Oberon have released Izaya, the High-Father of the New Gods, from Darkseid's prison. The Batman, the Huntress, and Mister Miracle have discovered Darkseid's scheme to move Apokolips into Earth-2's dimensional space, destroying Earth-2. For fear of initiating catastrophic events, Metron opts for a passive role in the face of the crisis. Darkseid returns to the Imperial Palace. Darkseid takes umbrage over the Injustice Society's defeat of Darkseid's son, Orion. Darkseid punishes the Injustice Society, then imprisons them in Chamber 13,

The Batman, the Huntress and Mister Miracle release, and revive, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, Orion, and Power Girl. Doctor Fate, the Silver Age Green Lantern, Izaya, and Oberon fight their way, through an army of parademons, to the re-creation machine. Superman, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman storm Granny Goodness' orphanage/prison. Crimson's underground resistance fighters release the children of New Genesis. The Golden Age Wonder Woman battles against Granny Goodness, while Superman deals with the Shock Troops.

Granny Goodness flees down a secret passageway, only to find Big Barda waiting for her. Orion points out the way to Chamber 13, before departing to battle Darkseid. Firestom, the Nuclear Man, and Power Girl, back Orion up. While the Huntress stands guard, the Batman, and Mister Miracle, release the Injustice Society from Chanber 13. Doctor Fate, the Silver Age Green Lantern, Izaya, and Oberon are on the verge of being overwhelmed by the onslaught of the parademons. Metron decides to take action. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, Orion, and Power Girl storm the Imperial Palace.

Darkseid releases the Omega Force, but Firestorm, the Nuclear Man reflects it back at Darkseid. Orion moves in to finish Darkseid off. Darkseid activates the re-creation machine, to teleport Apokolips into Earth-2's dimesional space. The New Gods join the battle. Metron has re-directed the re-creation machine at the Imperial Palace. Darkseid is consumed by the energies of the re-creatrion machine. The crisis has ended. The re-builidng of Apokolips, however, has only just begun.


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