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Four members each, of the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, step into the transmatter machine, to swap Earths. All eight, instead, materialize on New Genesis. Superman relays his first visit to New Genesis. The Golden Age Wonder Woman takes umbrage with the term "New Gods". While the two teams discuss their situation, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, takes off to do some exploring. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, finds New Genesis seemingly uninhabited. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, encounters Orion. In a panic, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man flees, while simultaneously activating his distress signal. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man is struck down by Orion.

The Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, find Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, being tended to by Orion. Doctor Fate attacks Orion. The Batman douses Orion with tear gas. Doctor Fate, Superman, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman beat Orion into unconsciousness. A Boom Tube opens, heralding the arrival of Big Barda, Metron, Mister Miracle, and Oberon. It is Metron who has diverted the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, to New Genesis. Metron restores Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, to full health. Orion uses his Mother Box to suppress his violent urges. Big Barda reveals that the entire populace of New Genesis is being held prisoner on Apokolips.

The Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America, and the New Gods, take a Boom Tube to Apokolips. There, the three teams divides into four groups, to carry out their assignments. The Batman, the Huntress, and Mister Miracle scout out the Imperial Palace. Mister Miracle reveals details surrounding the end of the war, between Apokolips and New Genesis, and the supposed destruction of Darkseid. Doctor Fate, the Silver Age Green Lantern, and Oberon attempt to infiltrate Armagedda, in search of prisoners. Their cover blown by Oberon, Doctor Fate, and the Silver Age Green Lantern, lay siege to the shock troops' bunkers.

Doctor Fate identifies the likely holding area for one of the prisoners. The Silver Age Green Lantern storms the prison, and is shocked to discover the high-profile prisoner being held inside. Big Barda, Superman, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman storm the prison-orphanage of Granny Goodness. There, their first act is to rescue a child of New Genesis, from a torturous fate. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, Orion, and Power Girl discover the bulk of the populace of New Genesis, enslaved, and forced to construct a strange machine. Their slave-masters are the Fiddler, the Icicle, and the Shade, all members of the Injustice Society. To Orion's horror, the machine's energies are focused on Darkseid, who seems to be very much alive.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batgirl in A Matter of Good Taste.


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