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“THE SIREN SONG OF THE SATIN SATAN!” Introducing the newest member of the Justice League of America: Firestorm!

Roscoe Remington is picked up, at the Studio, by Sabrina Sultress, known in the fashion industry as "the Satin Satan". Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, exuberantly reacts to being inducted into the Justice League of America. Zatanna feels a pang of jealousy that she is no longer the newest member. While learning the layout of the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters, Firestorm's mind drifts to his origins. Ronald Raymond had joined a group of protestors, at a nuclear power plant, to impress his girlfriend, Doreen Day. By the time Raymond realized the protestors planned to bomb the plant, it was too late.

Raymond was beaten into unconsciousness, along with Professor Martin Stein, a physicist working late at the plant. Raymond recovered just before the bomb detonated. The resultant explosion of Stein's experimental nuclear pile bathed Raymond, and Stein, in radiation. Raymond, and Stein, were fused into a single being, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. The Black Canary chastises Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, for not paying attention. The Green Arrow takes an immediate disliking to Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. The Red Tornado believes that the Green Arrow's umbrage stems from Black Lightning's refusal to join the Justice League of America.

The Red Tornado reflects on how each new member added has forced the Justice League of America to change. The Red Tornado fears that the addition of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, may be one change too many for the Green Arrow. Superman offers a few last words of welcome to Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, before returning to Metropolis. Firestorm, the Nuclear Man separates into his two component parts, Raymond and Stein. As Stein was unconscious when he was fused to Raymond, Stein has no memory of their time together, as Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Raymond helps Stein into a cab, and sends him home.

Raymond is met by his friends, Day, Cliff Carmichael, and Remington's brother, Cal. Upon hearing of Remington's disappearance, the group decides to investigate. At the Studio, the group learns that Remington left with Sultress. At Sultress' home, in the Charon Building, Raymond continues the investigation, alone, as Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Sultress confronts Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Sultress embraces Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and begins kissing him passionately. As Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, feels a creeping paralysis spread through his body, he looks over and sees Remington, transformed into a steel statue. Before he fully succumbs to Sultress, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, summons the Justice League of America.


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