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“THE DREAM FACTORIES OF DOCTOR DESTINY!” Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Hawkgirl and Superman join Red Tornado to track down and capture Dr. Destiny!

The Green Lantern, with the Justice League of America, track down Doctor Destiny. The Justice League of America storm Doctor Destiny's secret lair. The Justice League of America battle their way through Doctor Destiny's nightmarish defenses. Zatanna forces Doctor Destiny to reveal himself. Superman destroys Doctor Destiny's materioptikon. Doctor Destiny resists the Green Lantern's interrogation. Wonder Woman binds Doctor Destiny in her Lasso of Truth, forcing him to reveal his scheme. Doctor Destiny has planted three more materioptikons, in three separate locations. Upon activation, at midnight, the materioptikons will drive humanity insane.

A post-hypnotic suggestion renders Doctor Destiny unconscious before he can reveal anything more. The Justice League of America splits into three teams, of two, to destroy the materioptikons. Probing Doctor Destiny's subconscious with his power ring, the Green Lantern learns that all three materioptikons must be destroyed, at precisely the same moment, to avert the crisis. The Hawkgirl and Superman travel to Kronburg Castle, in Denmark. While Superman burns through Doctor Destiny's dream defenses, the Hawkgirl locates the materioptikon. The Hawkgirl signals the other teams that she is in position. The Red Tornado and Zatanna travel to Gaya District in Bihar, India and Buddh Gaya, India.

The Red Tornado and Zatanna are attacked by the townsfolk before having to face Doctor Destiny's dream defender. The Green Lantern and Wonder Woman travel to Philadelphia where they are immediately attacked by Doctor Destiny's dream defender. With the deadline fast approaching, Doctor Destiny laughs uproariously, anticipating his triumph. Though the Red Tornado falls, the Justice League of America dispel Doctor Destiny's dream defenders. Acting in unison, the Justice League of America destroy the materioptikons. The Justice League of America come for Doctor Destiny. His plan thwarted, Doctor Destiny collapses in defeat.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman in "Batman and Professor Plutonium".
  • "Daily Planet" Volume 79 Issue 52 week of September 7, 1979 edited by Bob Rozakis and lettered by Typeset. Featuring DC Comics 14-10 victory over Marvel in a friendly game of softball.

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Compared to the heavier content of the previous issue, this one returns to what can be considered to be a more-or-less standard Justice League story. With Doctor Destiny identified as the villain, the heroes have not acted fast enough and have let him undertake his mad scheme. It requires the assembled heroes to work together to figure out how to stop him. The clues that they have to decipher are a nice way to give a bit more appeal to the issue, and the means by which the heroes overcome th...

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