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The Regulator storms S.T.A.R. Labs. The Regulator uses Compound One to mutate his army of vermin. The Green Arrow is furious with the Justice League of America, for their method of trying to recruit Black Lightning. The Green Arrow decides to re-approach Black Lightning. The Elongated Man, and Zatanna, accompany the Green Arrow to Metropolis. Inspector Bill Henderson has no idea how to contact Black Lightning. A S.T.A.R. Labs security guard manages to activate the silent alarm. The Justice League of America, and Black Lightning, respond to the alarm.

The Metropolis Police force battles against enormous, mutant rats and roaches. The Justice League of America back-up the Metropolis Police Force. On the verge of being overwhelmed, the Green Arrow summons the rest of the Justice League of America. Only the Batman, and Wonder Woman, are available to answer the summons. Black Lightning rescues some civilians, before meeting up with the Justice League of America. A S.T.A.R Labs scientist reveals what the Justice League of America, and Black Lightning, are up against. Black Lightning races off to handle the crisis in his own fashion.

Wonder Woman destroys Metropolis' bridges to keep the hordes of mutated vermin from escaping the city. The Elongated Man, the Green Arrow, and Zatanna, fight a losing battle, with the Metropolis Police Force, to keep the horde contained. Black Lightning attacks the Regulator. During their brief combat, Black Lightning accidentally kills the Regulator. Without the Regulator controlling the horde, the Justice League of America are finally able to contain, then dispose of, the horde. The Green Arrow, once again, offers Black Lightning a place on their roster. Black Lightning, once again, declines membership in the Justice League of America.


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This issue is far better than the previous one, and as both deal with trying to recruit Black Lightning to the Justice League, it is surprising that they did not just go with this one issue. This issue deals with a mad scientist and former employee of STAR Labs who has managed to get back in with some vermin under his control and to turn them into mutants. Planning on turning them free on the world, the Justice League is called in after Zatanna, Green Arrow and Elongated Man are already in Me...

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