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The JLA and JSA face the possibility that one of their number is a murderer!

The Cover includes Wonder Woman but she is not in the story itself.

Superman opens up part 2 of this JLA/JSA crossover confirming that Mr. Terrific has been murdered and one of the heroes at the annual get together is the Killer. 12 heroes are in question in the JLA Satellite. Superman makes a request for both Green Lanterns and Dr. Fate to make the satellite secure, so that noone may leave and noone may enter.The next few pages has Huntress recalling the annual get togethers of both teams and the events leading up to this point (essentially recapping last issue). Once in and around the satellite is secure Hal Jordan seems to think they did a good job and Allen Scott wonders what if noone can get out when the time comes. Hal says "Then mister we'll have problems".

At this point the heroes are suspicious of one another. Superman gives the lead of the investigation to Batman and Huntress and Batman asks who spoke to Mr. Terrific last. Jay Garrick says that he and Barry Allen did. Huntress wonders if Mr. Terrific was going senile when he claimed that one of the heroes would be branded a traitor. Alan Scott defends his deceased teammate calling him a professional and Batman redirects the group's focus.

Batman and Huntress investigate the crime scene and find a charred piece of metal with finger indentations. Batman pulls Barry Allen aside, with Barry's experience as a police scientist, he asks him to recall what Mr. Terrific said about the Spirit King. Batman is grateful, leaving Flash to wonder about the point of it all. As Huntress is receiving info from the JSA computer to the JLA computer (Red Tornando showed her how to do it) there is an explosion. Dr. Fate heels the Huntress and Superman is amazed at the desire of the Huntress causing him to question if Fate truly is the most powerful among them.

A recovering Huntress confirms to Batman what they suspected. The suspect indeed battled Spirit King in Gateway City and what SK stole from The Gateway City U lab was a portable seismograph. Both Flashes finish the clean-up and everyone is joined together to hear Batman's conclusions.

Batman shows the first clue, charred metal with fingerprint indentations. He says this is a sign of super strength but the fingers are too close together to be Superman's. The focus turns too Power Girl who seems shocked that she would be accused. Batman confirms that she was the obvious suspect, too obvious. Batman then asks Barry Allen if travelling at super speed leaves a seismic trail and he says yes. Barry then asks if he is the suspect but Batman says no because he had no motive, never meeting the Spirit King. Batman then says that there is one who defeated the Spirt King so badly that SK promised a special revenge. Batman points to Jay Garrick or more directly the Spirit King (who was in possession of the Earth-2 Flash's Body) The Spirit King confesses that he made it look like Jay killed Mr Terrific, hoping the other heroes wouldn't delve further into the investigation. Then he confessed to taking a corpereal form long enough to strangle Mr. Terrific. He also admits to causing the explosion to incapacitate the Huntress(once she discovered the truth) and the explosion of the satellite wall (last issue0. He is determined not to take the fall so he inhabits Jay Garrick's body again and tries to escape. Both teams try to stop him, but SK escapes on the transmatter device back to Earth-2. Hal Jordan is amazed that despite how detailed they were in making sure noone could escape, they forgot about the transmatter device.

Red Tornado proclaims that they lost but Superman disagrees, explaining that most people would have believed Jay guilty but they refused to believe the worst in each other and they did a fair investigation. Dr. Fate then says that the JSA must try to capture SK on their own and Hawkman(Khufu) admits that is the least they can do for the Defender of Fair Play and he says that they owe their "fair investigation" to Mr. Terrific's memory.

As the JSA is leaving, a revived Zatanna(injured last issue) says that she has a fealing they will defeat the Spirit King. Hal Jordan agrees but brings up one small problem: How to get off the Satellite. The issue ends with the relieved Justice Leaguers sharing a laugh.


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With a less than compelling lead issue into this two-parter, this issue doesn't really pull anything else in to salvage what it was set up with. The annual JLA-JSA meeting has resulted in a murder mystery and the entire issue revolves around a fairly rudimentary detective story as Batman and the Huntress gather to analyze the clues of who killed Mr. Terrific. The problem is that the story is written in such a basic way that they aren't really doing more detecting than what a 10 year old would...

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