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The annual Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America team-up begins with a battle with the Spirit King!

The Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, hold their annual meeting, aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. The Golden Age Hawkman validates Zatanna. Mister Terrific discuses why he came out of retirement. Mister Terrific, as English Literature professor, Terry Sloane, had recently encountered his arch-nemesis, the Spirit King. Mister Terrific declares that he's tracked the Spirit King down, but refuses to say more. The Batman comforts the Huntress, on the loss of her father. The Silver Age Hawkman talks archaeology with Doctor Fate. The Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns catch up.

A hull breach brings the pleasant conversation to a close. Doctor Fate conjures a shield, to protect the two teams from possible radiation exposure. Superman finds Mister Terrific's corpse floating on a blown out piece of the hull. Superman carries Mister Terrific's corpse back into the satellite. Doctor Fate, and Superman, fashion a replacement to seal the hole in the hull. The Golden and Silver Age Hawkmen fit the new hull piece into place. The Golden and Silver Age Green Lanterns weld the new hull piece to the satellite. Mister Terrific's corpse is placed under the medical examiner, to determine cause of death.

The Silver Age Flash locates a fragment of the explosive device used to blow out the hull. Zatanna uses sympathetic magic to try to get a "read" on the fragment. Psychic feedback places Zatanna into a coma. The Golden and Silver Age Flashes search the satellite headquarters, of the Justice League of America, for an intruder. They turn up nothing. The Red Tornado confirms that neither the Justice League Transporter, nor the Transmatter has been used. Superman reveals that Mister Terrific was not killed by the explosion. He was strangled. More to the point, his murderer can only be either a member of the Justice League of America, or a member of the Justice Society of America.

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