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The JLA attempt to save a burning world!

Part 2 of the story begins in the JLA Satellite with Batman expressing frustration over the crisis. He wishes either Ray Palmer or Katar Hol were around. Batman feeds the info in the JLA computer at it confirms an increase in oxygen, as decrease in the size of the Arctic Circle and a decrease in the world's ocean water content. At the U.N. the trial is about to resume and the JLAers are concerned with what Ultraa may say. Red Tornado is sympathetic but Wonder Woman feels that they were guilty for illegally imprisoning a man. Ultraa admits the JLA was wrong but attacks Ernest Sloan. He rebuffs the JLA's attempt to stop him from killing the lawyer. Once Flash, WW and GL fall, Ultra asks RT if he is going to attack and he says know. The creatures are revealed and they admit to having seen Ultraa as he saw the truth. They proclaim victory. Wonder Woman says they knew something was wrong and sent Superman and that is where the Over-complex reveals they defeated Superman and they claim he is lying dead in the ocean. Flash tries to stop the creatures by sucking them into a vortex but it has no affect and then he is defeated. Ultra and Red Tornado go after the creatures, while Wonder Woman tries to track down Superman and GL makes sure that his good friends the Flash is taken to a hospital. Back at JLA HQ Batman realizes that he has to leave the satellite in order to confront the problem. He sees that Supergirl, GA and BC, Aquaman and Elongated Man are fighting the fires around the world and resuing innocent civilains but he also knows that they are fighting the symptom not the disease. Red Tornado and Ultraa follow the creatures to Connecticut. RT helps the civilains and Ultraa goes after Over-Complex. After putting out the fires, RT realizes that Ultraa and the aliens are gone. Meanwhile Wonder Woman is over the Mid-Atlantic where she uses her Lasso of Truth to pull out Superman. She then uses the medi-sensor from Paradise Island in order to heal Superman. She says any less of a man wouldn't have survived. A weakened man of steel mumbles the secret to the fires. The energy creatures are taking the oxygen from the water and they don't want oxygen chemical break up. A delighted WW flies to find GL. At this moment, Batman is approaching the asteroid that the energy creatures made. The computer discovered the "asteroid" was really a disguised spacecraft and is the source of the excess oxygen. The JLA computer gave Batman instructions on how to sabotage the craft and he is last scene jumping into the ship. WW meets with RT and GL and gives Superman the credit for discovering the answer. Hydrogen is being stolen by using massive electrolysis in order to break the H2O molecule. GL uses his Power Ring to reverse the process and discovers the alien lab is underground and Ultraa is lying prone on the beach. They then observe an explosion in space and RT gets a call from Batman explaining that he had just hurtled the enemy spacecraft out of Earth's Solar System but his space cycle was disabled and he needs a lift back to Earth. WW leaves to get him amazed that Batman was taking on the problem head on. She called him an amazing man. The issue ends with RT asking what would they do without Batman and GL responding that it is a question that he hopes never has to be answered.


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As the second part of a two part arc, this issue reads almost the same as a self-contained story, with any other back story that was missing being provided by a bit of exposition. Mostly though the story seems both rushed and not very well conceived. There are a group of aliens behind the plot here, but their plan comes off more like that of a space serial of the 1950s not a superhero story of the 1980s. The effect is that the story is not very good (made worse by some odd introspection from ...

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