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The Justice League of America faces off against the Tornado Tyrant!

The story opens with the Justice League being cheered for defeating the Rock Men of Pluto and then being honored at a banquet. Shortly thereafter, they are at their Secret Sanctuary and they disappear into a seemingly familiar tornado. It is the Tornado Tyrant. We then see a flashback of the tyrant losing to Adam Strange. He then hides himself and observes Adam Strange defeating The Palador, Adam Strange and the JLA defeating Kanjar Ro and the JLA defeating Dr. Light.

The Tornado Tyrant wanted to win and decided to become a hero on an Earth identical to Earth 1 but billions of miles away and there, he became the incarnate of the Justice League, representing every member. However, on that earth, out of the depths of the sea rises a gigantic and malevalent Tornado creature, who is dedicated on proving that evil will defeat good.

The "Justice League" then battled various menaces created by the Evil Tornado Tyrant and each member was defeated. Once all brought together Aquaman tells the Tyrant that as a team they would have defeated him. So he accepts the challenge and ultimately defeats them again. However, in the guise of an alien in a rocket the Tornado Champion rescues his Justice League. He then travels to Earth to see the real JLA battle the same Tornado Creature. He watches them get defeated individually in exactly the same way his team did.

However, the JLA thought out the enemies plan figuring it attacked places with atomic energy. Green Lantern then realized he fought a scientist who had a split personality and the evil portion fed on atomic radiation. The Tornado Champion watched as Green Lantern, relying on past experience, shoots bolts of anti-energy into the Tornado Tyrant, ultimately defeating it. On his way back to his earth, The Tornado Champion realizes that the enemy is his own evil spirit. Once on Earth, the JLA could not duplicate the anti-matter energy so they altered their attack. The Tornado Tyrant, thinking he would be attacked the same way he was before when he won, used the same defense. What the JLA did was calculated the amount of energy neeeded to teleport the evil spirit into the anti-matter universe, where he would cease to exist. They adjusted their powers to equal the teleport energy. So the Tornado Champion absorbs the JLA into himself and recognizes good defeating evil, He wonders if he would have won had he not gone to the real JLA for help and he came to the conclusion that even though he did not know how, he was confident that his good self would have won out.


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