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The Secret Society’s body switch is uncovered and reversed, thanks to Zatanna.

"The Green Lantern" imprisons four members of "the Secret Society of Super-Villains". Conferring with the Hawkman, the Green Arrow voices suspicions regarding five of his teammates. The take down of "the Secret Society of Super-Villains" came too easily, and the Green Arrow finds the behavior of some of his comrades, regarding the situation, troubling. "Superman" has been using his super-hearing to eavesdrop on the Green Arrow's whispered conversation. "Superman" speaks with "Wonder Woman" regarding the Green Arrow's suspicions.

"Superman" hurls the "Green Lantern's" power ring constructed prison, containing "the Secret Society of Super-Villains", into space, towards the sun. The Justice League of America are alarmed by "Superman's" actions. "Superman" allays his teammates concerns. All that is, except for the Green Arrow, who is more convinced than ever that "Superman" is not Superman. As the Justice League of America depart the scene, none spy the unconscious body of the "Star Sapphire", on a nearby rooftop. Mister Sloane, a defense lawyer, release Ultraa, the Ultimate Warrior, from a stasis cube.

Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Red Tornado recovers from being frozen solid. The Red Tornado berates himself for his rashness to action, and subsequent defeat. The "Star Sapphire" beams aboard the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters. The Red Tornado hesitates before attacking, giving the "Star Sapphire" the chance to reveal that she is really Zatanna. The Justice League of America assemble at an ultra modern museum, in Mexico City. According to "Superman" the Justice League of America have been asked to guard the Nova Jewels.

"Zatanna" seems particularly drawn to the Nova Jewels. The Black Canary finds it suspicious that there are no museum guards present. Unbeknownst to the Black Canary, the"Green Lantern" has already subdued the guards. The Justice League of America split up to cover all the museum entrances. "Zatanna's" behavior fuels suspicion among the ranks of the Justice League of America. Alone at last, the "Green Lantern" passionately kisses the Black Canary. The Black Canary beats the "Green Lantern" into unconsciousness, then alerts the rest of the team to the imposters in their midst.

"Zatanna" attacks the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow paralyzes "Zatanna's" vocal chords, preventing her from speaking her spells. The "Batman", and "Wonder Woman", attack the Flash. The Flash binds the "Batman", and "Wonder Woman", in the Lasso of Truth. "Superman" storms the museum, only to be struck down by the "Wizard". The Red Tornado, and the "Star Sapphire" have rescued the "Secret Society of Super-Villains" from falling into the sun.

Using an ancient mystic artifact, the "Star Sapphire" reverses the Wizard's enchantment, re-exchanging the Justice League of America's souls with the Secret Society of Super-Villains' souls. With the heroes and villains back in their proper bodies, the Green Arrow interrogates Superman, to make sure the switch was successful.

Note: This story arc is reworked from the canceled Secret Society of Super Villains series from 1978. The story arc is later referenced heavily during the Identity Crisis story arc.


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This issue provides a satisfying end for this story arc while also laying the seeds for the following one. Half of the League has been switched to the bodies of the villains of the Secret Society, and the other half of the League starts to grow suspicious of their "teammates" who are in fact the villains. While it would have made more sense to go with the obvious solution to the plot here, the writers decided to take a different route which was a good choice. This story which was later retro...

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