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In the Secret City, surrounded by the Hidden Ones, the Justice League of America, and Zatara, learn the fate of Zatanna's mother, Sindella. Rallying to Sindella's defense, the Justice League of America attack the Hidden Ones. Superman is immediately struck down, by the Optic Gem of the Highlord. Despite fighting valiantly, the Justice League of America, and Zatara, are near to being overwhelmed. Moving at super-human speed, the Flash manages to, singlehandedly, turn the tide of battle. The Highlord strikes down the Flash. The Highlord strikes down the Justice League of America, and Zatara.

Only the Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman are left to carry on the fight. They, too, fall to the Highlord. Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Red Tornado wakes the Green Arrow. The Red Tornado has done some research into the Secret City, and the Hidden Ones. The Hidden Ones are a separate race of humanity, known as "Homo Magus". Existing alongside Homo Sapiens, Homo Magus lived a more civilized life, due to their innate mystical powers. Homo Magus were irresistibly drawn to Homo Sapiens, resulting in a fair amount of cross-breeding between the two species.

Only the firstborn of such unions possessed the powers of Homo Magus. Fearing their race would be absorbed into Homo Sapiens, the Homo Magus isolated themselves from civilization, establishing their own secret city. The Red Tornado notes that a black cloud appeared in Turkey, the day Zatara met Sindella. The same black cloud that supposedly caused her death in an automobile accident. Zatanna casts a spell to break the enchantemtent of silence over Sindella. The Justice League of America can find no escape from their mystical prison.

The Green Arrow, and the Red Tornado, storm the Secret City. When the Red Tornado falls, the Green Arrow exercises the better part of valor, and retreats., under cover of a smoke arrow. Sindella explains that the Secret City is powered by a Medulla Jewell, that feeds off her own brain. When Sindella dies, the Hidden Ones will force Zatanna to take her place. The Red Tornado joins the Justice League of America in captivity. Using her Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman manages to draw the guard into their cell. The Elongated Man frees the Justice League of America.

The Justice League of America is immediately attacked by the Hidden Ones. The Green Arrow appears, and reveals that the Hidden Ones should not be able to battle against the Justice League of America, due to Homo Magus' irresistible attraction to Homo Sapiens. Sindella casts a spell that destroys the Medulla jewel, sacrificing her life to save her daughter. The Secret City loses all power. The warriors battling the Justice League of America are revealed to be enchanted elements, such as stone or wood. Zatanna, in tears, carries out her mother's dead body. Her quest has ended, but it has come at a great cost.


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This issue serves as the finale for the reintroduction of Zatanna and in a broader sense of her entire introduction to the world of DC Comics, which took 15 years to this point. The story deals with finally finding out what happened to Zatanna's mother. The resolution is a bit forced at times, both in the interaction of Zatanna with her mother and also of the manner in which the League manages to escape from a magical imprisonment. Despite this, the story wraps up in an entertaining way, with...

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