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The Green Arrow returns home to find Anton Allegro waiting for him. Though Allegro is looking for Oliver Queen, he, nonetheless, attacks the Green Arrow. Allegro plays his synthesizer, playing into existence demons of sound. The Green Arrow is beaten into unconsciousness. The Justice League of America interrogate Zatara, For reasons unknown, Zatara cast a spell of forgetfulness upon his own daughter, Zatanna. An enchantment on his own home wrought serious injury upon the Red Tornado. The interrogation is interrupted by a distress signal, from the Black Canary, on behalf of the Green Arrow.

Leaving Zatanna to deal with her father, the Justice League of America respond to the Black Canary's summons. Allegro murders his former mentor, Lewis Wheldon, the conductor of the Star City Symphony Orchestra. The Green Arrow reveals that, years ago, he had met Allegro. The Green Arrow, as Oliver Queen, brusquely put Allegro out of his office, when he spied a robbery in progress. Queen, as the Green Arrow, went after the robbers. The Green Arrow destroyed the robber's tank with an ultra sonic arrow. Tragically, the arrow, having shattered the tank, ricocheted past Allegro, leaving him deaf.

The Green Arrow, as Queen, paid for all of Allegro's medical expenses. When Queen lost his fortune, he also lost track of Allegro. The Green Lantern uses his power ring to track Allegro. The Flash, and the Green Lantern, arrive too late to stop Allegro from murdering his former manager. The Flash attacks Allegro's sound demons. The Flash realizes the truth behind Allegro's powers, but is rendered unconscious before he can share that information with his teammates. The Green Lantern is defeated by Allegro. The Justice League of America is defeated by Allegro. Zatanna forces Zatara to reveal the truth to her.

On their farewell tour, Zatanna's costume began flickering, changing from her classic magician's attire to her new costume then back again. Zatara recognized Zatanna's new costume as one originally worn by her mother, Sindella. Fearing that Sindella's ghost meant to harm Zatanna, Zatara conjured a spell of forgetfulness over his daughter. Zatara journeyed to their old family home, to try to make contact with Sindella's spirit. Zatara was partially successful, only to learn that Sindella was still alive, trapped in another dimension. Zatanna, and Zatara, try to summon Sindella. For a moment, the image of Sindella appears, then fades away.

The Batman strategizes with Superman. Allegro murders his ex-wife. Superman confronts Allegro, only to be struck down. The Batman reveals that Allegro's ex-wife was only a robot duplicate. With all of his intended victims believed dead, the Batman wonders what Allegro plans to do for an encore.


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This issue continues since the last issue a foe that comes off as a mostly comedic as opposed to threatening. A former maestro and electronics genius seeks revenge on those who have done him wrong, and it starts with Green Arrow. Using a special musical device he is able to summon monsters that do his bidding. Once again this story is relatively weak, especially compared to the backup story involving Zatanna from this same issue (which is evidently coming to a conclusion in the next issue.) ...

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