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    The Justice League of America vote to add Zatanna to the roster. Zatanna appears before the Justice League of America, and declines their membership offer, with great umbrage. The Justice League of America has a hard time believing Zatanna would refuse membership. Zatanna adamantly declares her disinterest, not only in becoming a member, but also in ever working with any of them again. Especially the Green Lantern. After Zatanna departs, the Justice League of America adjourn their meeting, and go their separate ways. Only the Atom remains behind, on monitor duty.

    The Atom reflects on all the adventures the team has shared with Zatanna. His suspicions raised, the Atom contacts the Batman. Just as the Atom is signing off, the Green Lantern steals his way aboard the satellite, and strikes the Atom down. The Green Lantern accesses the Justice League Of America's database, regarding the recharging of his power ring. Without access to the power battery, the Green Lantern opts for a new scheme to increase his power. Zatanna travels to the dimension of Ys. Zatanna fights against the forces of Ys. Zatanna is felled by a crossbow-wielding sniper.

    The Green Lantern stands, immobile, in a castle, in the dimension of Ys. The Batman interrogates Zatanna's father, Zatara. The Batman summons the Justice League of America. The Atom reveals that he was attacked by the Green Lantern. The Batman points out that Zatanna cast her spells with incantations, as opposed to her usual method of speaking in reverse. The Justice League of America track the Green Lantern to a temple in Angkor Watt, Cambodia. The Red Tornado charges the Green Lantern, only to be felled by mystical lightning.

    The Black Canary draws the Green Lantern's fire, to give the Green Arrow a shot at him. The Green Lantern fells the Justice League of America. A disparate group of warrior's come to Zatanna's rescue. Zatanna destroys the castle, drawing the Green Lantern gently down to her. Zatanna collapses into the Green Lantern's arms. The "Green Lantern" is revealed to be the Warlock of Ys. During his previous conflict with the Green Lantern, and Zatanna, the Warlock of Ys was left paralyzed within the castle. The Warlock of Ys placed a thought-curse on the Green Lantern which, after a long span of time, caused the two to exchange places.

    Arriving on Earth, the Warlock of Ys enchanted Zatanna, preventing her from speaking her spells in reverse, or alerting the Justice League of America. The Green Lantern punches the Warlock of Ys into unconsciousness. Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, Zatanna explains the entire scheme, and how she overcame it. Zatanna accepts the Justice League of America's offer of membership.

    Note: The Metal Men character Tin appears only in the letter column in a joke cartoon by one of the editors.


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    Both the writers of the league in the real world and the team members in the fictional world decide that they need more female members, so Zatanna is elected to the team.  Surprisingly Zatanna turns them down, but not without reason, she is trying to escape the notice of an old foe, the Warlock of Ys, who is holding Hal Jordan captive while magically impersonating him.  She does however leave a clue when she turned the league down.  In a poorly tied in subplot the Atom and  Batman piece together...

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    Best so far 0

    This is not such a bad issue, and probably the best in her rare League appearances. As a story it is a a bit of a rehash, going into essentially a retelling and continuation of her origin story, but because it is told in parts, it feels a lot more fluid, essentially as the fluff has been removed and replaced with more coherent storytelling. It is still definitely the silver age (or maybe early bronze) as the characters lack depth, but it is one of the better (if not maybe the best) Zatanna st...

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